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28 XIBremen(Theater). Piazzolla: Maria de Buenos Aires (28 XI-30 XII).
28 XIBudapest(SO). Kacsoh: Janos Vitez (28 XI-13 XII).
28 XIHeidelberg(Theater). Jommelli: Fetonte (28 XI-23 I).
28 XIMoscow(Bolshoi). Banevich: The Story of Kai and Gerda (28 XI-31 XII). Romantic opera for children in two acts
28 XIPotsdam(Sanssouci). Mozart: Betulia liberata (28 XI-6 XII).
29 XISvětová premiéra Erfurt(Theater). Fayt: Das schwarze Blut (29 XI-8 III). Oper in drei Akten; Libretto: Marcel Maréchal, after the novel 'Le Sang Noir' by Louis Guilloux
29 XIFreiburg. Handel: Orlando (29 XI-15 II).
29 XISvětová premiéra Oslo(DNO). Reinvere: Peer Gynt (29 XI-17 I).
30 XIBonn. Handel: Rinaldo (30 XI-30 I).
02 XIIBrno. Hanzlik: La Dafne (2-10 XII).
03 XIILille. Levinas: Le Petit Prince (3-7 XII).
03 XIIWinterthur. Traetta: Iphigenie auf Tauris (3-5 XII).
04 XIIDessau(Theater). Strauss: Das Spitzentuch der Konigin (4 XII-3 VI). Fassung: Felix Losert; Operette in einer Stunde nach Johann Strauß; Klavier: Marius Zachmann
04 XIIWien(Kammer). Handel: Rinaldo (4-30 XII).
05 XIISvětová premiéra Houston(HGO). Bell: A Christmas Carol (5-21 XII).
05 XIIMassy. Sauguet: Les Caprices de Marianne (5-7 XII).
05 XIIMexico City. Handel: The Messiah (5-7 XII).
05 XIINashville. Simon: Romulus Hunt (5-7 XII). 'A Family Opera' (1993); Romulus tries to trick his divorced, ill-matched parents into getting back together
05 XIINew York(LOTNY). Floyd: Markheim (5-14 XII). Opera in one act (New Orleans, 1966); Libretto: Carlisle Floyd, after a story by Robert Louis Stevenson
05 XIINew York(LOTNY). Floyd: Slow Dusk (5-14 XII). (Syracuse, 1949)
05 XIIRadebeul. Charpentier: Medee (5 XII-10 I).
05 XIISvětová premiéra Riga. Maskats: Valentina (5 XII-23 IV). Libretto: Liāna Langa, after the life of film historian Valentina Freimane
05 XIISassari. Cilea: Adriana Lecouvreur (5-7 XII).
06 XIIBraunschweig. Piazzolla: Maria de Buenos Aires (6 XII-8 I).
07 XIIAachen. Wuorinen: Brokeback Mountain (7 XII-22 I).
07 XIIAnnaberg-Buchholz. Lortzing: Der Weihnachtsabend (7-27 XII). Liederspiel (Münster 1832)
07 XIISvětová premiéra Annaberg-Buchholz. Lortzing: Andreas Hofer (7-27 XII). Liederspiel (unperformed, written 1832) //
Lortzing's last work is a Liederspiel about a Tyrolean freedom fighter who rebels against the Bavarian and French occupation of his homeland
07 XIIMünster. Pergolesi: Il maestro di musica (7 XII).
10 XIINew York(MSM). Bloch: Macbeth (10-14 XII).
11 XIISvětová premiéra London(ENO). Lee: The Way Back Home (11-23 XII). A small boy finds himself stranded on the Moon with a Martian -- will they become friends and help each other home?; Opera for children (5-8+), 40'; Libretto: Rory Mullarkey, after Oliver Jeffers
12 XIISvětová premiéra Praha(Narodni). Haba: Nova zeme (12 XII). Semi-staged performance of the opera written in 1934-36, but banned before performance; Libretto: Ferdinand Pujman
12 XIITallinn(Opera). Hindemith: The Long Christmas Dinner (12-14 XII).
13 XIIVersailles. David: Christophe Colomb (13 XII). Ode-symphonie (1847)
14 XIIWien(Theater). Neuwirth: American Lulu (14 XII).
18 XIICagliari. Tchaikovsky: Gli stivaletti (18-30 XII).
18 XIIClermont-Ferrand. Rakhmaninov: Aleko (18 XII).
19 XIIDresden(SSO). Humperdinck: Konigskinder (19 XII-25 I).
19 XIIMalmo. Boulanger: Faust et Helene (19 XII-10 I). Chamber opera (1913) //
Lili Boulanger was just 19 when she won the Prix de Rome for this reworking of the Faust legend after Eugène Adenis' poem
20 XIILeverkusen. Handel: Rinaldo (20 XII).
21 XIIBari. Handel: The Messiah (21-23 XII).
25 XIIBremerhaven. Grieg: Peer Gynt (25 XII-7 III).
27 XIIReykjavik(Opera). Thordarson: Ragnheidur (27-28 XII).
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03 IStrasbourg(Opera). Respighi: La Belle au Bois Dormant (3-9 I).
06 IGenève(Opera). Levinas: Le Petit Prince (6-10 I).
08 ISvětová premiéra New York(Prototype). Weisman: The Scarlet Ibis (8-17 I). The story of Doodle, a disabled boy who discovers the power of imagination over physical limitations; Libretto: David Cote, after the story by James Hurst (1960)
09 IMilwaukee(FO). Floyd: Wuthering Heights (9-11 I).
10 IFrankfurt(Oper). Britten: Owen Wingrave (10-30 I).
10 ISvětová premiéra Luzern(Theater). Various: Cantos de Sirena (10 I-22 II). Musiktheater von La Fura dels Baus mit Kompositionen aus fünf Jahrhunderten in verschiedenen Sprachen
12 INürnberg. Campo: Quai West (12 I-7 III). Premiere of the German-language version
13 ILos Angeles(Phil). Gruber: Frankenstein (13 I). A Pandemonium in 1 act for chansonnier and instrumental ensemble
14 IReims. Verrieres: Mimi (14-15 I).
14 IWien(Theater). Bellini: La straniera (14-28 I).
15 IBasel. Charpentier: Medee (15 I-17 V).
15 ITorino(Regio). Granados: Goyescas (15-25 I).
16 IMainz. Dusapin: Perela (16 I).
16 IReims. Haydn: Armida (16 I).
16 ITallinn(Opera). Korvits: Butterfly (16 I-6 II). Opera in 2 acts. (Tallinn, 2013); The dancer Erika, descended from birds, must decide between going south for the winter, or staying in the theatre with her lover; Libretto: Maria Lee Liivak, Lauri Kldoja, after the novel by Andrus Kivirähk
16 ITourcoing. Bach: Messe en si mineur (16-18 I).
17 IBielefeld. Delius: Romeo und Julia auf dem Dorfe (17 I-3 IV).
17 IHannover. Glanert: Caligula (17 I-21 II).
17 ISvětová premiéra Hannover. Battistelli: Lot (17 I).
17 IMilano(Scala). Zimmermann: Die Soldaten (17 I-3 II).
17 IOsnabruck. Gurlitt: Soldaten (17 I-27 II).
17 IParis(Athénée). Respighi: La Belle au Bois Dormant (17-22 I).
17 IWien(Kammer). Auerbach: The Blind (17-29 I).
18 IBarcelona(Liceu). Montsalvatge: Una voce in off (18-22 I).
18 IMetz. Boismortier: Don Quichotte chez la Duchesse (18-20 I).
20 IMérignac. Steffani: Niobe, Regina di Tebe (20 I).
21 IBordeaux. Glanert: Le Journal de Nijinsky (21-25 I).
22 IGlasgow(ScotOp). MacMillan: Ines de Castro (22-24 I).
22 IVersailles. Steffani: Niobe, Regina di Tebe (22 I).
23 IBirmingham AL. Thomas: Hamlet (23-25 I).
23 ISvětová premiéra København(KGL). Gudmundsen-Holmgreen: Sol gar op, sol gar ned (23 I-27 II). //
Gudmundsen-Holmgreen's first opera is a story that draws on the Song of Songs and Ecclesiastes in the Old Testament
23 IMassy. Haydn: Armida (23 I).
23 INashville. Catan: Florencia en el Amazonas (23-27 I).
23 ISvětová premiéra Washington(WO). Pew: Penny (23-24 I). Penny is a woman with a disability who discovers her talent for music, and the ensuing conflict with her family as she changes and grows more independent
24 IAmsterdam(CG). Falvetti: Il diluvio universale (24 I). //
nl Nederlandse première
24 ILong Beach. Picker: Therese Raquin (24 I-1 II).
24 IOldenburg. Weinberg: Der Idiot (24 I-17 VII).
24 IParis(CE). Steffani: Niobe, Regina di Tebe (24 I).