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20 AibreánFerrara. Handel: Esther (20 Aibreán). Prima esecuzione assoluta a Ferrara
20 Aibreánchéad léiriú domhanda Moscow(Helikon). Manotskov: Chaadsky (20-22 Aibreán). Opera in 2 acts, after Woe From Wit by Griboyedov
20 AibreánWuppertal. Caccini: La liberazione di Ruggiero dall'isola d'Alcina (20 Aibreán-14 Iúil).
21 AibreánLodz. Previn: A Streetcar named Desire (21-24 Aibreán).
21 AibreánSalzburg(LT). Hindemith: Cardillac (21 Aibreán-15 Bealtaine).
21 AibreánSt Petersburg(MT). Prokofiev: The Giant (21 Aibreán).
22 AibreánBuenos Aires(Colon). Scarlatti: El Triunfo del Honor (22-29 Aibreán).
22 AibreánDusseldorf. Donizetti: Pygmalion (22 Aibreán-20 Bealtaine).
22 AibreánDusseldorf. Martinu: Ariadne (22 Aibreán-20 Bealtaine).
22 AibreánLausanne. Rossini: La donna del lago (22-29 Aibreán).
23 AibreánBarcelona(Liceu). Rubinstein: The Demon (23 Aibreán-11 Bealtaine).
23 AibreánParis(Comique). Rabaud: Marouf savetier du Caire (23-29 Aibreán).
24 AibreánLondon(RO). Venables: 4.48 Psychosis (24 Aibreán-4 Bealtaine). //
en Philip Venables' award-winning opera inspired by Sarah Kane's extraordinary final play is revived for the first time.
24 AibreánStuttgart. Rihm: Das Gehege (24 Aibreán-25 Meitheamh).
25 Aibreánchéad léiriú domhanda London(OG). Osborn: The Mother (25 Aibreán). Libretto: Theo Merz, after the play Matka by Witkacy
26 AibreánChelyabinsk. Rakhmaninov: Aleko (26 Aibreán).
26 AibreánKyiv. Verdi: Requiem (26 Aibreán).
27 AibreánBanska Bystrica. Ponchielli: La Gioconda (27 Aibreán-24 Bealtaine).
27 AibreánBielefeld. Haydn: Orlando paladino (27 Aibreán-5 Iúil).
27 AibreánFort Worth. Piazzolla: María de Buenos Aires (27 Aibreán-5 Bealtaine).
27 Aibreánchéad léiriú domhanda Halle(Oper). Kreidler: Mein Staat als Freund und Geliebte (27 Aibreán-22 Meitheamh). Oper für Chor, Video, einen Schauspieler, einen dramatischen Tenor, Ballett, Orchester und Elektronik
27 AibreánMadison. Catan: Florencia en el Amazonas (27-29 Aibreán).
27 Aibreánchéad léiriú domhanda Schwetzingen. Sanchez-Verdu: Argo (27-29 Aibreán). Libretto: Gerhard Falkner
28 AibreánBremen(Theater). Hartmann: Simplicius Simplicissimus (28 Aibreán-13 Meitheamh).
28 AibreánKiel. Rakhmaninov: Aleko (28 Aibreán-8 Iúil).
28 AibreánKiel. Rakhmaninov: Francesca da Rimini (28 Aibreán-8 Iúil).
28 AibreánMiami(Grand). Catan: Florencia en el Amazonas (28 Aibreán-5 Bealtaine).
28 Aibreánchéad léiriú domhanda Osnabruck. Corbett: San Paolo (28 Aibreán-20 Meitheamh).
28 AibreánRegensburg. Puccini: Edgar (28 Aibreán-18 Iúil).
28 AibreánSt Gallen(Theater). Bellini: Il pirata (28 Aibreán-10 Meitheamh).
28 AibreánVancouver(Opera). Rolfe: The Overcoat: an Opera (28 Aibreán-12 Bealtaine). Libretto: Morris Panych
29 AibreánFort Worth. Adamo: Avow (29 Aibreán-1 Bealtaine).
29 AibreánFort Worth. Heggie: Again (29 Aibreán-1 Bealtaine).
29 AibreánFort Worth. Illick: Feel the Tango (29 Aibreán-1 Bealtaine).
29 AibreánKöln. Zimmermann: Die Soldaten (29 Aibreán-19 Bealtaine).
29 AibreánWilmington. Ching: Buoso's Ghost (29 Aibreán-5 Bealtaine).
02 Bealtainechéad léiriú domhanda Saint-Etienne(Espl). Menut: Fando et Lis (2-6 Bealtaine). Attention: cet ouvrage contient des scènes pouvant heurter la sensibilité de certains publics.
04 BealtaineBoston(Handel). Handel: Hercules (4-6 Bealtaine).
04 BealtaineEugene. Piazzolla: María de Buenos Aires (4-6 Bealtaine).
04 BealtaineSchwerin. Hindemith: Neues vom Tage (4-30 Bealtaine).
04 BealtaineSeoul(SAC). Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice (4-6 Bealtaine).
05 BealtaineFirenze(Comunale). Hindemith: Cardillac (5-15 Bealtaine).
05 BealtaineFirenze(Maggio). Hindemith: Cardillac (5-15 Bealtaine).
05 BealtaineFlensburg. Ligeti: Le Grand Macabre (5 Bealtaine-29 Meitheamh).
05 BealtaineFlensburg. Ligeti: Le grand macabre (5 Bealtaine-29 Meitheamh).
05 Bealtainechéad léiriú domhanda Freiburg. Gunther: The Black Forest Chainsaw Opera (5 Bealtaine-14 Iúil). Stef Lernous mixes high and low culture from cheap splatter movies, Romantic opera and legends of the Black Forest //
en In a remote valley of the Black Forest, a group of young excursionists stumbled upon a world of indescribable horror...
05 BealtaineHagen. Talbot: Everest (5 Bealtaine-1 Iúil).
05 BealtaineLiège. Rossini: La donna del lago (5-15 Bealtaine).
05 BealtaineMalmo. Gefors: Parken (5 Bealtaine-2 Meitheamh).
06 BealtaineBonn. Verdi: I due Foscari (6 Bealtaine-12 Iúil).
06 BealtaineGlasgow(ScotOp). Rakhmaninov: Aleko (6 Bealtaine).
06 BealtaineGlasgow(ScotOp). Rakhmaninov: Francesca da Rimini (6 Bealtaine).
10 BealtaineGöttingen. Handel: Judas Maccabaeus (10 Bealtaine). Festspieloratorium in der Fassung von 1747
10 Bealtainechéad léiriú domhanda London(RO). Benjamin: Lessons in Love and Violence (10-26 Bealtaine). //
en George Benjamin conducts the world premiere of his new collaboration with Martin Crimp - a hotly anticipated work from the creators of Written on Skin, with an excellent, hand-picked cast.
10 BealtaineSamsun. Gluck: Orfeo ed Euridice (10-31 Bealtaine).
11 BealtaineHeidelberg(Theater). Andriessen: Writing to Vermeer (11 Bealtaine-9 Meitheamh).
11 BealtaineNapoli. Rota: Il cappello di paglia di Firenze (11-13 Bealtaine).
12 BealtaineBerlin(Komische). Handel: Semele (12 Bealtaine-10 Iúil).
12 BealtaineMinneapolis. Massenet: Thaïs (12-20 Bealtaine).
12 BealtaineMünchen(SO). Schreker: Die Gezeichneten (12-19 Bealtaine).
13 BealtaineBudapest(SO). Hindemith: Das Lange Weihnachtsmahl (13-18 Bealtaine).
13 BealtaineBudapest(SO). Hindemith: Hin und zurück (13-18 Bealtaine).
13 BealtaineBudapest(SO). Hindemith: Sancta Susanna (13-18 Bealtaine).
13 BealtaineLong Beach. Martin: The Love Potion (13-19 Bealtaine).
13 BealtaineNantes. Messager: Les P'tites Michu (13-24 Bealtaine).
13 BealtaineStuttgart. Andre: Wunderzaichen (13 Bealtaine-10 Meitheamh).
14 BealtaineBudapest(SO). Wolf: Der Corregidor (14 Bealtaine).
15 BealtaineGraz(Buehnen). Handel: Apollo e Dafne (15-19 Bealtaine).
16 BealtaineMadrid(Real). Zimmermann: Die Soldaten (16 Bealtaine-3 Meitheamh).
17 BealtaineBudapest(SO). Lortzing: Die Opernprobe (17-19 Bealtaine).
17 BealtaineBudapest(SO). Schubert: Der vierjährige Posten (17-19 Bealtaine).
17 Bealtainechéad léiriú domhanda Compiegne. Zavaro: Manga-Café (17 Bealtaine).
17 BealtaineUlm. Schoenberg: Die glückliche Hand (17 Bealtaine-12 Iúil).
17 BealtaineVenezia(Fenice). Piccinni: Il regno della luna (17-19 Bealtaine). In collaborazione con Conservatorio Benedetto Marcello di Venezia
18 BealtaineAugsburg. Fujikura: Solaris (18 Bealtaine-16 Meitheamh).
18 BealtaineCagliari. Hindemith: Sancta Susanna (18-27 Bealtaine).
18 BealtaineStockholm(Folk). Glass: Satyagraha (18-29 Bealtaine).
18 BealtaineValladolid. Chapi: La Revoltosa (18 Bealtaine).
19 BealtaineBraunschweig. Shostakovich: Moskau, Tscherjomuschki (19-31 Bealtaine).
19 BealtaineInnsbruck(LT). Wagner: Rienzi (19 Bealtaine-7 Iúil).