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13 setBari. Rota: Il cappello di paglia di Firenze (13-18 set). Un progetto Opera Nuova; Giovani cantanti sotto i trent' anni selezionati sulla base di un call for proposals e di audizioni
13 setChicago(COT). Bloch: Macbeth (13-21 set).
15 setBrisbane. Glass: The Perfect American (15-20 set).
23 setEstréia mundial Melbourne(VO). Grandage: The Riders (23 set-4 out). Libretto: Alison Croggon, after the novel by Tim Winton
25 setNapoli. Giosa: Don Checco (25 set-3 out).
19 outPalermo. Weinberger: Svanda dudak (19-26 out).
22 outWexford. Mariotte: Salome (22-31 out). Opera in 1 act (Lyon, 1908); Libretto after the French play 'Salomé' by Oscar Wilde
23 outWexford. Cagnoni: Don Bucefalo (23 out-1 nov).
24 outWexford. Puts: Silent Night (24 out-2 nov). (Minneapolis-St Paul, 2011); Events surrounding the impromptu cease-fire on the Western Front on Christmas Eve 1914; Libretto: Mark Campbell, after the screenplay for the film 'Joyeux Noël' by Christian Carion
31 outBologna. Jarrell: Cassandra (31 out-2 nov).