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16 outFondazione del Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Firenze. Puccini: Le Villi (16-28 out).
16 out[EM] Fondazione del Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino, Firenze. Montalti: Ehi Giò (16-28 out).
An opera about Gioacchino Rossini's fear and uncomfortableness about the people that surround him in a city //
16 outHNK Zagreb. Gotovac: Ero the Joker (16 out-20 mai).
17 outFestival Internacional Cervantino. Paredes: Harriet (17 out).
Based on the life of Araminta Ross (1820-1913), known as Harriet Tubman, activist and abolitionist.
17 outKaunas State Musical Theatre. Planquette: Les cloches de Corneville (17 out).
17 outMelbourne Opera. Rossini: Otello (17-27 out).
17 outHNK Ivana pl Zajca Rijeka. Zajc: Nikola Šubić Zrinjski (17 out).
18 outNational Moravian-Silesian Theatre, Ostrava. Janáček: Osud (18 out-23 mai).
19 outMoscow Chamber Opera. Rimsky-Korsakov: Servilia (19-21 out).
19 outStanislavsky Opera, Moscow. Prokofiev,S: Betrothal in a Monastery (19 out-18 jan).
19 outThe Metropolitan Opera, New York. Muhly: Marnie (19 out-10 nov).
She has been running for so long, no one knows the real Marnie, least of all herself. Nico Muhly's second world premiere for ENO is based on the Winston Graham novel and the screenplay of the Hitchcock film.
19 outLa Fenice, Venezia. Rossini: Semiramide (19-27 out).
19 outWexford Festival Opera. Giordano: Mala vita (19 out-3 nov).
19 outWexford Festival Opera. Leoni: L'Oracolo (19 out-3 nov).
20 out[EM] Opera Śląska, Bytom. Poniatowski: Don Desiderio (20-29 out).
20 outHändel-Festspiele Halle:20190605,. Handel: Berenice (20 out-5 jun).
20 outOpera Krakowska, Kraków. Gluck: Orpheus and Eurydice (20-21 out).
20 outOpéra Royal de Wallonie, Liège. Viardot: Cendrillon (20-27 out). //
20 outLA Opera, Los Angeles. Glass: Satyagraha (20 out-11 nov).
20 outWexford Festival Opera. Bolcom: Dinner at Eight (20 out-4 nov).
A socialite puts together a society dinner but her guests have tangled financial and romantic problems
20 outWexford Festival Opera. Donizetti: Don Pasquale (reduction) (20 out-3 nov). //
20 outOper im Knopfloch, Zürich. Niedermeyer: Marie Stuart (20-27 out).
21 outOper Köln. Wagner,Richard: Die Walküre für Kinder (21 out-1 dez).
21 outStaatstheater Mainz. Verdi: Don Carlo (21 out-13 nov). //
21 outWexford Festival Opera. Mercadante: Il bravo (21 out-2 nov).
23 outTeatro Real de Madrid. Saariaho: Only the sound remains (23 out-9 nov).
23 outWexford Festival Opera. Puccini: La fanciulla del West (reduction) (23 out-2 nov). //
24 outJ K Tyl Theatre, Plzeň. Kubička: Jakub Jan Ryba (24-25 out).
The story of composer Jakub Jan Ryba (1765-1815), who took his own life from lack of money, the hostility of his superiors and total exhaustion
24 outLithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Vilnius. Verdi: Don Carlo (24 out).
25 outMoscow Chamber Opera. Dashkevich: The Inspector General (25 out-15 dez).
25 outNational Theatre Prague, Praha. Wagner,Richard: Faszination Wagner (25-26 out). //
25 outTheatre Vanemuine, Tartu. Lill: Into the Fire (25 out-3 mai).
War teaches us that the only thing people learn from history is that they don’t learn anything from history.
25 outOpera Atelier, Toronto. Charpentier,M: Actéon (25 out-3 nov).
25 outOpera Atelier, Toronto. Rameau: Pygmalion (25 out-3 nov).
26 outStaatsoper Hannover. Lofer: Des Kaisers neue Kleider (26 out-6 jun).
26 out[EM] Teatro Real de Madrid. Gervasoni: Com que voz (26-28 out).
26 outPushkin State Opera, Nizhni Novgorod. Tchaikovsky,P: Charodeyka (26 out-15 nov).
26 outMariinsky Theatre, St Petersburg. Verdi: Don Carlo (26 out).
26 outSpendiarian Opera and Ballet Theatre, Yerevan. Chukhadjian: Arshak II (26 out).
27 outSlovak National Theatre, Bratislava. Suchoň: Krútňava (27-30 out).
27 outOpera Nova w Bydgoszczy. Małecki: Awantura w Recco (27 out-4 nov).
27 outSächsische Staatsoper, Dresden. Wulff-Woesten: Das Rätsel der gestohlenen Stimmen (27 out-7 nov).
28 outKomische Oper Berlin. Valtinoni: Der Zauberer von Oz (28 out-26 dez).
28 outStaatstheater Braunschweig. Kagel: Der Tribun (28 out-19 dez).
28 outStaatstheater Braunschweig. Krenek: Der Diktator (28 out-19 dez).
28 outScottish Opera, Glasgow. Puccini: Edgar (28 out).
28 outTheater für Niedersachsen, Hildesheim. Telemann: Orpheus (28 out-27 dez).
28 outTheater Krefeld und Mönchengladbach. Tarkmann: Räuber Hotzenplotz (28 out-26 dez). //
28 outTheatre Vanemuine, Tartu. Aints: Rehepapp (28 out-30 mar).
30 outMalmö Opera. Kraus: Var ar du Proserpin? (30 out-2 nov).
31 outND Brno. Hanzlík: La Dafne (31 out-19 mar).
31 outSalzburger Landestheater. Galuppi: Motezuma (31 out-2 nov). //
01 novMoscow Chamber Opera. Shostakovich: The Nose (1 nov).
02 novOper Halle. Piazzolla: María de Buenos Aires (2 nov-2 fev).
02 novSNG Opera in balet Ljubljana. Nyman: The Man who Mistook his Wife for a Hat (2-7 nov).
03 novTheater Chemnitz. Faccio: Amleto (3 nov-5 mai).
03 novThe Dallas Opera. Offenbach: Pépito (3 nov-27 abr).
03 nov[EM] Theater Kiel. Tutino: Falscher Verrat (3 nov-16 mar).
03 novLong Beach Opera. Reich: Three Tales (3-4 nov).
03 novVictorian Opera, Melbourne. Langdon: Lorelei (3-10 nov).
Three composers, three singers and a siren song where ancient myth meets modern woman. 'I like my men like I like my whiskey...on the rocks'
03 novTeatro di San Carlo, Napoli. Vinci: Siroe re di Persia (3-6 nov).
03 novStaatstheater Nürnberg. Turnage: Anna Nicole (3 nov-7 dez).
03 novPolish National Opera, Warszawa. Moniuszko: The Haunted Manor (3 nov-15 mai).
03 nov[EM] Deutsches Nationaltheater und Staatskapelle Weimar. Lano: November 1918 (3 nov-2 fev).
03 novVolksoper Wien. Heuberger: Der Opernball (3 nov-19 dez).
04 novTheater Freiburg. Schreier: Wunderland (4 nov-13 jan).
Ein Songzyklus für drei Sänger und vier Instrumente (2012)
04 novStaatsoper Hannover. Offenbach: König Karotte (4 nov-21 jun).
07 novOpéra de Lille. Turnage: Coraline (7-11 nov).
Coraline has to face dangerous challenges in a mirror world to free her parents and the ghost children, in this dark fantasy from Neil Gaiman.
07 novOpera Wrocławska. Szymanowski: Król Roger (7-9 nov).
08 novOpera di Genova. Zhubanov: Abai (8 nov).
08 novNew Orleans Opera. Rameau: Pygmalion (8-11 nov).
09 novTeatr Wielki Łódź. Moniuszko: Straszny dwór (9-11 nov).
09 novKentucky Opera, Louisville. Moore,B: Enemies, A Love Story (9-11 nov).
09 novTheater Magdeburg. Wagner,D: Raus aus dem Haus (9-28 nov).
09 novTeatro Comunale di Modena. Maderna: Satyricon (9-11 nov).
09 novNashville Opera. Heggie: Three Decembers (9-11 nov).
09 novArizona Opera, Phoenix. Schnyder: Charlie Parker's Yardbird (9-11 nov).
A 'be-bopera' expedition into the mind, heart, and personal purgatory of Charlie Parker
09 novTeatro di Pisa. Rossini: Mosè in Egitto (9-11 nov).
09 novTheater Ulm. Zimmermann,U: Weiße Rose (9 nov-29 jan).
10 novTheater Dortmund. Merkies: Romeo und Zeliha (10 nov-4 dez).