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In addition to the services offered on the public site, Operabase Professional provides a layer of tools and databases for the opera professional.  Operabase Professional is available in English, French, German and Italian.

The subscription to Operabase Professional costs just 850 euros a year.  You can subscribe online, or send us an email to receive our written quote.

The Casting Tool

  • This powerful tool allows you to quickly and easily create a list of all of the artists who have sung a particular role, where, when and with whom, since 1996, or since a specific date.
  • To make it as easy as possible to follow up, links to the management contact details and the artist's own website are provided alongside the artist's name.
  • Invaluable for finding last minute replacements, the Casting Tool is also very useful for programming future seasons, saving you both time and effort (see the example below).
  • 420,000 performances on file, with the ability to review the performance histories of artists as well as the past seasons of opera companies around the world since 1996.
Productions for rent and for sale
  • Subscribing companies can publish details of their productions available for rent or for sale in a centralised database.
  • This rentals database is the largest source for information on rentable opera productions, and lists more than 2500 entries. 
  • The list is visible to all opera companies around the world (both subscribers and non-subscribers) on the public part of Operabase.

Casting Tool example

 Tá an fhaisnéis seo as na tÁras ceoldrámaíochta  Tús cuideachta
 Tá an fhaisnéis seo ó na ealaíontóir/gníomhaire  Tús ról
Oberon(Weber): Sir Huon of Bordeaux
Bronder, Peter Agent: Allied Artists [Gen]   Agent: OIA [France]
Lúnasa 04  en Edinburgh(Fest)S: Richard Armstrong;
Fritz, Burkhard Agent: Inge Tennigkeit [Gen]   http://www.burkhard-fritz.de/
Aibreán 08  de Innsbruck(LT)S: C Meister / Klinkhardt;
Spemann, Alexander Agent: Esther Schollum
Meán Fómhair 06  de MainzS: Rückwardt; L: Tiedemann 
Winbergh, Gösta (30 Dec 1943, Stockholm -- 17 Mar 2002, Wien)
Eanáir 98  Zürich(Oper)S: John Eliot Gardiner; L: Schaaf 
Winslade, Glenn Agent: Hainzl [Gen, Domhanda]
Deireadh Fómhair 98  GentS: Minkowski;
Deireadh Fómhair 98  Antwerpen(Vlaamse)S: Minkowski;
Woodrow, Alan Agent: Athole Still [Gen, Domhanda Agent: IAMBOLARTISTS [var(ne)]
Márta 98  London(Barbican)S: Hickox;
Workman, Charles Agent: AMZ [Gen, Domhanda]
Márta 02  en Paris(Châtelet)S: John Eliot Gardiner;
Márta 02  CaenS: John Eliot Gardiner;
Márta 02  London(Barbican)S: John Eliot Gardiner;
Taibheoirí: 7, Léirithe: 10