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29 янр - 29 янр 2023
Aida, Verdi,  
Landestheater Linz  | Performances (17)
 | Stage director: Sabine Hartmannshenn
30 декември 2021onlinemerker.comOnline Merker
LINZ/ Landestheater: AIDA. premiere
Of course, one cannot compete on the same level with the Upper Italian “home” of this opera since 1913 and the luxurious, museum-like staging that has been established there over the last few decades. Hence the production team (staging by Sabine Hartmannshenn , stage by Stefan Heinrichs , costumes by Edith Kollath , light by Herbert Sachsenhofer , dramaturgy by Christoph Blitt) on th...
29 янр - 29 янр 2023
Le nozze di Figaro, Mozart,  
Landestheater Linz  | Performances (10)
  | Conductor: Markus Poschner
 | Stage director: François De Carpentries
16 януари Nachrichten
Linz's "Figaro" between vows of love and upheavals
The leading team had already staged four Mozart operas in Linz in recent years. The jubilation and the expected standing ovations were mainly for the musical side. Already with the overture, Markus Poschner showed his unquestionable competence for Mozart - with a beaming face and animating gestures for the ladies and gentlemen of the Bruckner Orchestra Linz, who for their part proved...
29 янр - 29 янр 2023
La Bohème, Puccini,  
Landestheater Linz  | Performances (21)
  | Conductor: Markus Poschner
 | Stage director: Georg Schmiedleitner
26 септември 2021onlinemerker.comOnliner Merker
LINZ/ Landestheater/Großer Saal: LA BOHÈME – premiere
Sabine Mäder 's stage is mostly action-oriented. Only the abode of the four friends in the first picture - not an attic room, but a living container - has its acoustic and scenic pitfalls: the otherwise, in the middle to front stage area, excellent transparency and diction of all singers is in the small cubicle, although mostly wallless rear left, about 4 x 6 m in size, greatly reduc...