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29 1月 - 29 1月 2023
Nos, Shostakovich,  
Royal Opera House  | Performances (6)
  | Conductor: Ingo Metzmacher
 | Stage director: Barrie Kosky
21 10月 2016www.broadwayworld.comAlexandra Coghlan
BWW Review: THE NOSE, Royal Opera House, 20 October 2016
Laughter is a powerful dramatic weapon. Not the kind of laughter you normally get in the Royal Opera House - knowing, self-conscious - but actual inelegant, snorting-before-you-even-realised-it laughter. Kosky harnesses this anarchic force, startling an audience expecting an improving piece of musical modernism by giving them instead a disarming piece of cutthroat comedy.Kosky, in a ...
29 1月 - 29 1月 2023
Die Zauberflöte, Mozart,  
Royal Opera House Royal Opera House  | Performances (14)
03 11月 Church
The Magic Flute, Royal Opera House review: an ideal if imperfect Christmas prelude
David McVicar’s production of ‘Die Zauberflöte’ is filled with nocturnal high-jinks
16 9月 2021www.culturewhisper.comClaudia Pritchard
The Magic Flute, Royal Opera House review
Classic production by David McVicar of Mozart's last opera returns to Covent Garden with a new cast and a star turn