Airam Hernández

Airam Hernández

"Airam Hernández as Edgardo, also an agile actor, whose virile presence was ideally balanced by the warmth and finesse of his singing (he was superb in the final scene) ”
Nicolas Blanmont
Opera (UK)
Airam Hernández also made his debut with the role of Edgardo. Besides his excellent diction, the young singer from Tenerife has a softly timbre, colorful tenor voice, which in his last scene 'Tu che a Dio spiegasti l'ali' and through subtle use of mezza-voce, movingly expressed the loss of his great love.
Das Opernglas
Thanks to a great flexibility of emission, Airam Hernández knows how to fold the metal sound of his voice into the sweetest nuances, Edgardo tortured and suicidal of an exemplary line, whose great scene is magnificent.”
Didier Van Moere
IN LAUSANNE, LUCIA DE LAMMERMOOR REVEALS EDGARDO "It is then that we really discover the revelation of talent with tenor Airam Hernández (Edgardo) who, attracting attention with his beautiful 'Sulla tomba che rinserra…' from the beginning, asserts himself as an exceptional singer. More than a superb singer with an impeccable vocal line, perfect diction, impressive projection, he dares an overwhelming interpretation of vocal colors, tension and authenticity. Qualities that are usually recognized in experienced singers, whilst the Spanish tenor is singing the part for the first time. It was necessary to hear Airam Hernández in the final scene, when he discovers the disappearance of Lucia. Attacking mezza-voce a heartbreaking call to his lost love, without pathos, with just the intense truth of this disappearance, the Canarian tenor proves to be a formidable singer.  An artist to follow.”
Jacques Schmitt
The tenor Airam Hernández debuted in Lausanne in the role of Edgardo, a veritable tour de force for tenors. The Canarian artist has a beautiful timbre and a natural adaptability and elegance that allow him to approach even the most intimate moments, those that require more refinement, performing a delicate "Tombe degli avi mei", in which he gift us stratospheric pianissimi, and his heartfelt "Fra little to me ricovero ", or braver renditions such as the duo "Qui del padre ancor respira". Despite his youth, the tenor made Edgardo his own, reaping much success.
Albert Garriga