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27 nov. 2021 - 6 juin 2022
Die Zauberflöte, Mozart,  
Mainfranken Theater Würzburg26 Vorstellungen
28 novembre 2021www.mainpost.deMathias WiedemannWhy this "magic flute" is the best remedy for corona frustration
What is this piece? "The Magic Flute" is Mozart's last opera. It was first performed in 1791 and has been a world hit ever since – with a confused plot but an incredible number of wonderful melodies. why is it so famous Probably no other opera radiates so much humanity and love. The piece works again and again, even in the wildest productions. The message: There is always hope in life. How is the Würzburg new production? Fairytale, human and musically very successful. Director Andreas Wiedermann also manages to break two decisive breaks in the plot ..
10 oct. 2021 - 20 mai 2022
Mainfranken Theater Würzburg17 Vorstellungen
11 octobre JungblutRomeo with hand grenade: "Capulets and Montagues" in Würzburg
The young, Serbian-Italian director Mario Pavle del Monaco, son of the Serbian mezzo-soprano Dragana del Monaco and grandson of the famous tenor Mario del Monaco, had no ambition to update the long overinterpreted Romeo and Juliet tragedy or to charge it politically. Perhaps that was also due to the difficult conditions in which this production was created. And so he left it at showing an aggressive gang wasting their lives between rum bottles and bullets. Romeo isn't exactly popular either, but is quick to bring a hand grenade. And Julia does not accept the victim role without complaint, but tolerantly.
18 sept. 2021 - 27 avr. 2022
Die glückliche Hand, Schoenberg,A,  
Gianni Schicchi, Puccini,  
Mainfranken Theater Würzburg19 Vorstellungen
20 septembre 2021www.opern.newsStephan BurianekDirector Benjamin Prins draws a common thread through Schönberg and Puccini
The work formed the first part of a double evening with which the Würzburg Mainfranken Theater started its new season. Because the main building in the city center is still being renovated, one is currently playing a little outside, in the Blaue Halle theater factory, which a local thermal box company, which has been particularly flourishing since the outbreak of the pandemic, is making available to the theater. Of course, there is no stage machinery there, but the orchestra pit and the uniform stage design, which in this production is dominated by a large wall painting with Cupid and Lustknaben in a kitschy baroque style, have a considerable width (design: Pascal Seibicke ).