Federica Santambrogio

Stage director


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Love HurtsStage director2
La visita meravigliosaStage director1
Federica Santambrogio
Stage director
Full name: Federica Santambrogio
Death stayed in the air for the next performance – it was, after all, set in a morgue. Still, Op.64’s Deeply is equally a story of love and laughter. Therapist, Alina, falls for Pathologist, Lara, who feels the stories of the lives lost when she touches their bodies. These spirits (manifested, on the striking set, in the five cellists raised above the action and covered by flowing material) suffered various tragedies due to their queer identities in an unforgiving society. Whispering, resonant strings underscored this sensitive and poetic narrative (in Italian with surtitles), hinting at a more hopeful future for the lovers in what was the strongest piece from the evening.
Jan-Peter Westad
In exploring themes of personal freedom Federica Santambrogio and Matteo Manzitti’s Deeply proves to be strikingly contemporary and heartfelt. A married, middle-aged woman visiting her mother in hospital strikes up a relationship with a pathologist, in which their childhoods as well as their sexuality are mutually explored. The work is deftly scored for five cellos – raised on platforms and semi-covered in sheets, as if awaiting their own post-mortems. Actor Alessandra Faiella and soprano Laura Catrani produce hauntingly atmospheric performances, accompanied by ravishing cello playing, sensitively and alertly conducted by Pilar Bravo.
Edward Bhesania
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