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23 spa 2021 - 24 kov 2023
La traviata, VerdiOpera: NA,  
Novaya Opera  | Performances (6)
Lighting designer
01 rugpjūčio 2014users.livejournal.com_Arlekin_
"La Traviata" by G. Verdi in "New Opera", dir. Alla Sigalova, director. Dmitry Volosnikov
Strange as it may seem, this was the first time I gathered for the play, which Kolobov himself produced in 1999, but which is now running infrequently (the next performance is already scheduled for March 24), for the first time - sometime I had to get there, but then I was attracted by the cast of performers. However, Tatyana Pechnikova's voice is completely shattered, she dramatical...
21 gegužės 2018moscultura.ruGalina Krasina
La Traviata at the Novaya Opera
La Traviata - in Italian "fallen", "lost". I mean that I came from the Novaya Opera Theater with La Traviata”And climbed to look, and why, in fact, the opera is so called, because this word is never mentioned in it and none of the characters is called that. You will say that it was necessary to inquire in advance, and at the same time read the libretto. Of course, it is necessary, ...
16 spa 2021 - 24 kov 2023
Rigoletto, VerdiOpera: NA,  
Novaya Opera  | Performances (7)
Lighting designer
22 gruodžio 2000www.operanews.ruEvgeny Tsodokov
"Star" as a jester Rigoletto at the New Opera
The premiere of Rigoletto, prepared with great fanfare, finally took place. The "bullied" prices bite, tickets remained at the box office, advertisements in newspapers and on the radio went into action - everyone instantly knew how to have a good evening at the opera! No worse than a club or sauna. Before the start of the performance, there was excitement, he even had to be delayed f...
03 lapkričio 2013www.belcanto.ruTatiana Elagina
Long-lived performance - "Rigoletto" at the Novaya Opera
From the rich heritage of the hero of the day G. Verdi, his famous opera "triad" of the 1850s is the most popular and often performed in the world. But La Traviata - a record for the number of performances in all countries - has never disappeared from the repertoire of Moscow opera houses, and now it goes right on three stages of the capital, gathering full halls (not counting studio...
24 sausio 2018www.wpolitics.ruVladimir Sabadash,
It is very difficult to get to such performances at the Novaya Opera Theater. Thanks to the Epiphany Festival Italian Opera Nights, many spectators were able to enjoy the immortal production of Rigoletto by the brilliant Giuseppe Verdi. The play, as stated in the playbill of the Novaya Opera Theater, has been played for the hundredth time! In 2000, this performance in a new, newly r...
15 bir 2019 - 24 kov 2023
Tristan und Isolde, Wagner,RichardOpera: NA,  
State Opera Berlin  | Performances (4)
Lighting designer
15 birželio 2019www.beckmesser.comJose M. Irurzun
Gran Tristán de Barenboim en Berlín
Es ésta una de esas representaciones de ópera de las que uno sale del teatro plenamente satisfecho y pensando: Ha merecido la pena el viaje. Efectivamente, hemos asistido a una estupenda representación de esta gran obra de Richard Wagner, que ha contado con una magnífica realización musical y un destacado reparto vocal, aparte de una producción escénica con sus atractivos. Se ha vuel...
22 birželio 2019opernmagazin.dePhillip Richter
Daniel Barenboim leitete ein spannungsvolles und aufgeladenes Dirigat, meist in langsamen Tempi trieb er seine Sänger durch plötzliche Laustärkewechsel voran. Wo Barenboim zuletzt in den Meistersingern seine Solisten noch auf Händen trug, lud er nun die Gefühlsschwankungen der Tristan-Partitur erbarmungslos auf seine Solisten aus. Die Staatskapelle Berlin folgte ihrem GMD unermüdlich...
13 bal 2019 - 24 kov 2023
Betrothal in a Monastery, Prokofiev,SOpera: NA,  
State Opera Berlin  | Performances (5)
Lighting designer
14 balandžio 2019www.klassikinfo.deAntje Rößler
Prokofjews Komödie Die Verlobung im Kloster in Berlin
Die Darsteller setzen Prokofjews graziösen Buffo-Ton punktgenau in lebendiges Spiel um. Wunderbar werfen sich der geldgierige Don Jerome und der selbstverliebten Fischhändler die Bälle zu. Kraftzentrum ist die Haushälterin, die Duenna. Violeta Urmana spielt diese raffinierte Megäre; mit Haaren auf den Zähnen und großem Herzen zugleich. Im roten Gaze-Kleid kokettierend, hat sie bald d...
30 kov 2018 - 24 kov 2023
Parsifal, Wagner,RichardOpera: NA,  
State Opera Berlin  | Performances (2)
Lighting designer
18 balandžio 2018www.mundoclasico.comJesse Simon
The Redeemer Reconsidered
Musically the evening was in a class by itself, superior even to the previous Festtage performances. The Staatskapelle had reached a state of grace even before the curtain had gone up, with fulsome strings and subtle woodwinds giving way to tidal swells of brass. Daniel Barenboim has always been good at drawing mysterious solemnity from the Vorspiel, but on this evening he achieved s...