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22 Jan 2022 - 26 Mar 2023
Macbeth, VerdiOpera: Staged,  
Luzerner Theater  | Performances (14)
Tobias Girosa, Oper! Magazine
Hrólfur Sæmundsson's baritone sounds velvety soft in the low and middle ranges, in the high register it gets a beautiful metallic shine... Then one knows what he is singing and why; and he also knows how to let his voice boom powerfully, and that in madness ugly tones can be necessary and effective. But also how beautiful and carrying his seamlessly integrated piano including messa ...
26 January 2022onlinemerker.comJan Krobot
Clumsy provocation
Hrólfur Sæmundsson gives a scenically intense Macbeth with a wonderfully robust baritone. Christian Tschelebiew , with his wonderfully dark bass, is an equal partner as a general. Susanne Elmark is a highly dramatic Lady Macbeth, who always tends to be slightly acrimonious. But this is quite appropriate for the role of Lady Macbeth. Diego Silva is struggling as Macduff that evening: ...
30 Oct 2021 - 26 Mar 2023
Le nozze di Figaro, MozartOpera: NA,  
Luzerner Theater  | Performances (15)
Repetiteur / Post-director
31 October 2021onlinemerker.comJan Krobot
LUCERNE/ Theater: LE NOZZE DI FIGARO – very British. premiere
Gerard Jones (director) has his production set towards the end of the 1960s in a very sympathetically no longer very fresh country residence of an English nobleman (stage: Anna Yates) play. The walls are covered almost to the ceiling with walnut paneling and the whole setting, especially Donna Raphael's magnificent costumes, exudes an English atmosphere, just like you know it from ol...