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10 Jul - 24 Mar 2023
La traviata, VerdiOpera: NA,  
Royal Opera House  | Performances (6)
Violetta Valéry
09 April 2022www.musicomh.comKeith McDonnell
La Traviata: Pretty Yende and Angel Blue are heartbreaking at the Royal Opera House
Another double helping of a Verdi classic.
20 December 2019playstosee.comTeddy Hempstead
La Traviata
As El Padre used to say, there are two things to see at an opera. The first is the opera — the second is people watching the opera. Never is this more true than at the opening night of a fresh rendition of La Traviata; the Royal Opera House’s latest outing, lovingly directed by the usually excellent Richard Eyre, attracts an audience as mosaic and unknowable as Boris Gudunov. White t...
18 December 2019londonist.comPaul Ewing
Black Christmas: La Traviata At Royal Opera House
The original 'hooker with a heart of gold' (and lungs full of blood) is back at The Royal Opera House. It’s a bright and stylish production, which was first seen at the venue 25 years ago. But Giuseppe Verdi’s La Traviata, or the “fallen woman”, is more than just glamour, bubbles and champagne. It’s also about the frailty of life and how redemption can come in many guises. In this pa...
19 December 2019bachtrack.comRoy Westbrook
“Libiam!” Raising a glass to 25 years of Covent Garden's glorious Traviata
The Royal Opera House is celebrating the 25th anniversary of Richard Eyre’s production of La traviata. Much admired for its sets, movement and direction it has been revived nearly every season since its unveiling in 1994. This round of nineteen performances runs into late March, with five Violettas, eight Germonts (four each of père et fils), and three conductors. Verdi’s score apart...
03 November 2021www.culturewhisper.comClaudia Pritchard
La Traviata, Royal Opera House
A classic production of Verdi's tragic opera returns with a roster of outstanding sopranos
31 Dec 2021 - 24 Mar 2023
Rigoletto, VerdiOpera: NA,  
Mostly Mozart  | Performances (14)
05 January 2022observer.comChristopher Corwin
The Met’s ‘Rigoletto’ Brought in 2022 Against All Odds
While the highly anticipated revival of The Music Man idles awaiting the recovery from COVID of its stars Hugh Jackman and Sutton Foster and other Broadway shows have closed either temporarily or permanently, the Metropolitan Opera defied Omicron to present its annual New Year’s Eve gala Friday night. If the crowd was sparser and less nattily dressed than in previous years, enthusias...
26 Sep 2019 - 24 Mar 2023
La traviata, VerdiOpera: NA,  
Opernhaus Zürich  | Performances (4)
Violetta Valéry
02 October 2019seenandheard-international.comCasey Creel
Redeemed by love and still in ruins: Zurich revives Hermann’s smart La traviata with excellent singing
Kristina Mkhitaryan, appearing in Zurich for the first time, is an exquisite Violetta. She turned Hermann’s portrayal into her own; she was desperate to host a party in Act I without cracking up, she was taken aback by Liparit Avetisyan’s Alfredo as he offered unwelcome and genuine love, and she was launched into brief and nescient bliss in Act II in her untenable household. Be it s...