Michelle Trainor, Soprano
Michelle Trainor

Michelle Trainor

“Michelle Trainor, as Berta, was a delight to watch and was placed vocally in more of her sweet spot than in previous roles with the company. Able to show off more of her impressively large high notes at the end of her aria…she also stole at least one scene with an extended gag involving snuff and the cleanup from a series of sneezes.”
Katrina Holden-Buckley
The Theatre Times
“Michelle Trainor (Berta)’s comedic timing was as precise and potent as her extraordinary voice.”
Diana Lu
New England Theatre Geek
“Michelle Trainor’s Berta was a comedic and vocal treat.”
Zoe Madonna
The Boston Globe
“Michelle Trainor provided a ringing mezzo [soprano] and fine comic chops, particularly in Berta’s aria, “Il vecchiotto cerca moglie.”
Angelo Mao
Opera News
“Singing the role of Adoniram’s apprentice, Benoni, Michelle Trainor swooned through her Act I aria with melodious rapture.”
The Boston Globe