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3 Jul - 25 Mar 2023
Turandot, PucciniOpera: NA,  
Opéra National de Paris Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre Houston Grand Opera Teatro Real de Madrid Canadian Opera Company Teatro Real de Madrid  | Performances (17)
29 September 2019www.theglobeandmail.comJenna Simeonov
Director Robert Wilson creates a futuristic, minimalist Turandot as Canadian Opera Company’s season opener
And in the hands of director Robert Wilson, Turandot seems almost futuristic. Wilson’s production connects the characters of Turandot with his own affinity for vaudeville and the baroque faces of the commedia dell’arte. Visually, this Turandot is minimalistic, drawing our eye to sharp angles, flashes of saturated colours and, most importantly, to the mask-like faces of the singers on...
25 April 2022preview.houstonchronicle.comChris Gray
Why you need to see Robert Wilson’s magnificent ‘Turandot’
obert Wilson is such a titanic presence in the theatrical world that for Houston Grand Opera’s latest production of “Turandot,” it’s his name above the title on the Wortham Center marquee. It makes sense, because in many ways, the 80-year-old Waco native is the real star of the show, handling the set design and lighting on top of direction. But in this “Turandot,” [...], singing is ...
20 Jun 2022 - 25 Mar 2023
Rigoletto, VerdiOpera: NA,  
Teatro alla Scala  | Performances (10)
17 January 2016theoperacritic.comSilvia Luraghi
Leo Nucci reigns supreme as Rigoletto
A revival of the 1993/94 Gilbert Deflo production of Rigoletto is enjoying a sweeping success at Milan’s Teatro alla Scala, where baritone Leo Nucci interrupted a long standing tradition, and encored the duet ‘Sí vendetta’ at the end of the second act, together with soprano Nadine Sierra. This gave rise to long discussions in the local media and among opera fans: as is well known, s...
23 Apr 2022 - 25 Mar 2023
Lucia di Lammermoor, DonizettiOpera: Staged,  
The Metropolitan Opera Lincoln Center LA Opera LA Opera The Metropolitan Opera Guild  | Performances (11)
24 April 2022www.washingtonpost.comMichael Andor Brodeur
A thoroughly modern meltdown in Met’s reimagined ‘Lucia di Lammermoor’
Simon Stone delivers a visually stunning and conceptually arresting production of Donizetti’s enduring 1835 opera." Tthe singing across the cast was stellar. Camarena lent Edgardo a sweetness and softness that only made his heartache sting more sharply in his showstopping final aria. The Polish baritone Artur Ruciński made a delightfully detestable Enrico, his wood-paneled office li...
12 Mar 2022 - 25 Mar 2023
Lucia di Lammermoor, DonizettiOpera: NA,  
Bayerische Staatsoper  | Performances (4)
16 March 2022www.opera-online.comDr. Helmut Pitsch
Lucia in München Juan Diego Florez sprang ein und siegte
Lange war diese seine 46. Oper, das einzige Werk, das in den Spielplänen der Opernhäuser verblieb. Erst in den letzten Jahrzehnten erleben wir eine Renaissance seiner Kompositionen. Die Wiederaufnahme der in 2015 entstandenen Inszenierung wird zum würdigen Belcantofest. Der kurzfristig für Xabier Anduaga eingesprungene Juan Diego Florez zählt derzeit zu den besten Tenören seines Fach...
17 Sep 2021 - 25 Mar 2023
La traviata, VerdiOpera: NA,  
Fondazione del Teatro del Maggio Musicale Fiorentino  | Performances (6)
Violetta Valéry
18 September 2021www.connessiallopera.itFilippo Antichi
Firenze, Teatro del Maggio - La Traviata
I comprimari sono sostanzialmente di ottimo livello, a partire dalle due donne: la disinvolta Flora Bervoix di Caterina Piva e la sicura Annina di Caterina Meldolesi.
1 Apr 2021 - 25 Mar 2023
Le nozze di Figaro, MozartOpera: NA,  
State Opera Berlin Festtage Berlin  | Performances (7)
04 April 2021www.opera-online.comAchim Dombrowski (Matthias Baus (copyright))
Inmitten des Kreislauf menschlicher Begierden
Der Regisseur Vincent Huguet unternimmt den Versuch, den Kosmos menschlicher Begegnungen, Begierden, Betrug, Verletzungen, Abhängigkeiten, sowie die sich daraus ergebenden Gefühle von Verlust, Melancholie und gar ein wenig Hoffnung zu zeigen, die ganz offenbar in diesen Opern thematisiert werden und mit oder trotz aller Freiheiten unverändert Aktualität besitzen....
06 April 2021bachtrack.comZenaida des Aubris
A marriage crisis turned action comedy: a new Figaro at Staatsoper Berlin
The premiere of this new production of Le nozze di Figaro during lockdown was originally intended to be a pilot project with a small, negative-tested live audience in attendance. However, due to the increasing Covid incidence numbers in Berlin, this plan was discarded. So – once again – audience access was only via the livestream on the Staatsoper Berlin's website. Certainly, all cul...
2 Jun 2019 - 25 Mar 2023
Rigoletto, VerdiOpera: NA,  
State Opera Berlin The Metropolitan Opera  | Performances (8)
18 June 2019seenandheard-international.comJosé Irurzun
Nadine Sierra’s Outstanding Gilda Leads the Cast in Staatsoper Berlin’s Rigoletto
Nadine Sierra as Gilda was outstanding. She is a light soprano, perhaps too much so for the second part of the opera, but was convincing at all times. Her ‘Caro nome’ was the best moment of the night: she gave an authentic demonstration of breath control in a final, endless note. I would also highlight her performance in the duets with Rigoletto and with the supposed Gualtier Maldé....
20 Dec 2018 - 25 Mar 2023
Falstaff, VerdiOpera: NA,  
State Opera Berlin  | Performances (5)
02 January 2019wanderersite.comGuy Cherqui
Falstaff en soixante-huitard attardé
Les trois dames sont chacune dans son genre particulièrement bienvenues, la Meg Page (le rôle le moins important des trois) de Katharina Kammerloher, de la troupe de la Staatsoper à son aise et de bonne facture, l’Alice Ford de Barbara Frittoli, un peu disparue des scènes récemment et qui revient en belle forme, avec un timbre mûri et une assise solide, plus expressif qu’à ses débuts...