Randall Scotting

Standouts were Randall Scotting, as Giuliano, the virtuous captain of the Praetorian guard, whose strong masculine countertenor matched his handsome muscular physique
James Glazier
Random Opera
“virtuosic skill, vocal wizardry, and commanding stage presence...Scotting's performance alone was well worth turning out for.”
Patrick Shepherd
Christchurch Mail
"Handel favorites “Lascia ch’Io pianga” and “Venti turbini,” sung by countertenor Randall Scotting, perfectly harkening the era’s revered castrati."
James Monroe Stevko
"Randall Scotting, a flexible, expressive countertenor"
James R. Oestreich
New York Times
‘Randall Scotting’s Orlando is highly watchable. He delivers a most convincing dramatic and musical performance... his vocal choices are imaginative and always stylish – ‘Fammi combattere’ is terrifically decorated – and he grows in intensity as the evening progresses, delivering an excellent mad scene.’
Clive Paget
Limelight Magazine