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7 Oct 2022 - 22 Mar 2023
La vendetta, HamerikOpera: Staged,  
Pagliacci, LeoncavalloOpera: Staged,  
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05 October 2022fyens.dkTHE TRIANGLE AREA
International solo team with so much voice splendor and vocal smoothness
Kolding: On Sunday 16 October, there will be opera again in Kolding, when the Kolding Theater Association shows Den Jyske Opera's staging of the two operas "La Vendetta" and "I Pagliacci" from 7.30 p.m., according to a press release. The performance unites two operas, "La Vendetta", from 1870 by the Danish composer Asger Hamerik and "I Pagliacci" ("Bajadser"), from 1892 by Ruggiero ...
23 October
Hatred, revenge and murder in the Royal Stage
The Jyske Opera's latest tour performance combines two highly tense one-act operas with similar actions: the Danish opera 'La Vendetta' ('Revenge') by Asger Hamerik and the Italian 'I pagliacci' ('Bajadser') by Leoncavallo. Both of the two thriller-operas are about a traveling theater troupe with internal tensions, where the masquerading of comedy ends in tragedy. Love, envy and hat...
09 October 2022kulturtid.dkChristina Beierholm
"Even if you are neither an opera lover nor an opera connoisseur, it is highly recommended to see and hear La Vendetta/I Pagliacci, because it is such a fantastic experience'
It was a magnificent drama that unfolded before the eyes of the audience when Den Juyske Opera premiered two operas in the impressive Alsion in Sønderborg. There are up to several stories in the story in this setting of the rather overlooked in Denmark Danish composer Asger Hamerik's opera La Vendetta together with the Italian Ruggiero Leoncavallo's opera I Pagliacci. It is exciting...
"Charming setup...Very funny...Super opera evening"
It is an excellent idea of ​​opera director Philipp Kochheim to break the 130-year-old "marriage pact" between Leoncavallo's I Pagliacci and Mascagni 's Cavelleria rusticana , which are almost always programmed together as a kind of whole. All the more so as he continues his concept of performing unknown Danish works side by side with famous classics; for who on earth knows Asger Ham...
10 October 2022jv.dkAnne Marie Brodersen
A great and completely different opera experience
The overture heralds both romance and drama, so be well prepared. Everything is as it should be. But as part of the overture, the curtain rises and we are invited into a – as it is called nowadays – brown tavern. Someone is playing cards, someone is sleeping in the background, someone wants a beer - the waitress rules the pub with a firm hand. A whole story without a word, but with a...