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Sara Schabas, soprano

Sara Schabas
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Antzokiaren informazioa
Agente/artistaren informazioa
Iraren datak
-(e)tik / -(e)ra
Konpainia / Kokapena
Produkzioaren equipo
Mai 2020
or. 29 Mai 2020
Dido und Aeneas
First Witch
Internationale Barocktage, Melk
Z: Gottfried
E: Hauer
Mai 2020
or. 29 Mai 2020
Dido and Aeneas
Belinda COVER
Internationale Baroktage, Melk
Z: Gottfried
E: Hauer
Mar 2020
og. , og.
The Flight of the HummingbirdWorld premiere cancelled
Pacific Opera Victoria
Baumann Centre
Z: Tyrrell
E: Leyshon
Urt-Mai 2020
al. 20, al. 27 Urt 2020
al. 03, al. 10, al. 17 Ots 2020
al. 02, al. 09, al. 16, og. 19x, al. 23x, ar. 24x, ig. 29x Mar 2020
ig. 05x, al. 06x, al. 13x, al. 20x, al. 27x Apr 2020
ig. 03x, al. 04x, az. 06x Mai 2020
The Flight of the Hummingbird
Vancouver Opera
Queen Elizabeth Theatre
Z: Tyrrell
E: Brusse
Aza 2014
or. 21, ig. 23m Aza 2014
The Magic Flute
Dayton Opera
Schuster Center
Z: Reynolds
E: Clawson