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22 Dec 2021 - 26 Mar 2023
Oratorio de navidad
Weihnachts-Oratorium, BWV 248, Bach,JSOpera: NA
Teatro Arriaga Bilbao  | Performances (1)
07 February 2022www.mundoclasico.comJoseba Lopezortega
"Un precio pequeño, una gran ganancia"
Maestro Diego Martin-Etxebarria dealt with all the musical and theatrical material with the ability and security of someone well seasoned and well trained in many pits. His work seemed to me meritorious and demanded a great concentration to have everything ordered and channeled.
1 Feb 2018 - 26 Mar 2023
Satyagraha, GlassOpera: NA,  
ENO Baylis  | Performances (7)
Mahatma Gandhi
Colin Clarke - Seen and Heard International
Lord Krishna in Satyagraha by Philip Glass
The role of Krishna was taken by Andri Björn Róbertsson with panache.
Andrew Benson Wilson - Early Music Reviews
Lord Krishna in Satyagraha by Philip Glass
Other singers who impressed were Clive Bayley as Parsi Rustomji and Andri Björn Róbertsson as Lord Krishna.
David Buchler -
Lord Krishna in Satyagraha by Philip Glass
...including the Krishna of Andri Björn Róbertsson, who is an outstanding prospect as an ENO Harewood artist.