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Tomas Kildisius, bass

Tomas Kildisius
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Tour dates
From / To
Company / Location
Production Team
Mar-May 2020
Fri 06, Sun 08, Thu 12 Mar 2020
Sun 05x Apr 2020
Sat 02x May 2020
Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Düsseldorf
C: Shokhakimov
D: Gürbaca
May-Jul 2019
Fri 10, Fri 17 May 2019
Sat 29 Jun 2019
Fri 05 Jul 2019
Don Carlo
Flandische Deputierte
Deutsche Oper am Rhein, Duisburg
Theater Duisburg
C: Carter
D: Joosten
Mar-May 2019
Sat 23, Sun 31 Mar 2019
Thu 18, Sat 20 Apr 2019
Fri 10, Sun 19, Fri 24, Wed 29 May 2019
Boris GodunovPremiere
Theater Krefeld und Mönchengladbach
Theater Mönchengladbach
C: Kütson
D: Nefjodov
Oct-Dec 2018
Sun 28 Oct 2018
Sat 03a Nov 2018
Sat 08a, Sun 16a, Sun 16m, Wed 26m Dec 2018
Räuber HotzenplotzPremiere
Räuber Hotzenplotz
Theater Krefeld und Mönchengladbach
Theater Mönchengladbach
C: Fellner
D: Bening