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27 Oct 2021 - 10 Jun 2023
Jubileusz Doroty Wójcik
Halka, Stanisław MoniuszkoOpera
Teatr Wielki Łódź  | Performances (4)
www.rp.plJacek Marczyński
"Halka" in Łódź: A strange kontusz and a perky mazurka
When Łódź built the Grand Theater half a century ago, it was the largest opera house in Poland after Warsaw and one of the most modern in Europe. It was built somewhat in spite of the central authorities, the then Prime Minister Józef Cyrankiewicz claimed that such a building in this city was an exaggeration. Local bosses, however, spared no money, even for gigantic mirrors in the fo...
And the fir trees still rustle
"Halka" is a special piece for opera lovers. From its first premiere in Łódź, 140 years ago, and especially from the premiere by Jerzy Zegalski on January 19, 1967, for the inauguration of the Teatr Wielki, it appears on the stage quite regularly The fans of this work have their favorite productions, to the list of which should be added "Halka", the newest, directed on January 19, 20...
teatralny.plPIOTR OLKUSZ
We are standing where we have stood
After three great Seeker performances (The Rite of Spring, Eugene Onegin, Golden Fleece ), it's time for something more classic. Halka directed by Jarosław Kilian is a tribute to traditional theater. The Grand Theater in Łódź, celebrating its 50th anniversary, thinks about every viewer. If someone watched Cud or Krakowiaki i Górale directed by Kilian at the Polish National Opera (pr...