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Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina


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12 January 2017Chuck Lavazzi ~ KDHX St. Louis
Baritone Adelmo Guidarelli was a first-rate Horace Tabor; not surprising, given that he’s one of the few opera singers who can lay claim to a MAC (Manhattan Association of Cabarets and Clubs) award for a cabaret show. You don’t get that without some theatre smarts.
12 January 2017Janine Wanée ~ The Boston Musical Intelligencer
Adelmo Guidarelli’s entrance as the Sacristan at the beginning of Act I put the audience at ease immediately with his joviality, as he worked his way through the theater with a dust rag, wiping off the woodwork, creating the illusion that everyone was seated in an Italian church. His voice was both deep and powerful, cutting easily through the orchestra with a pleasing timbre.