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27 urt. - 27 urt. 2023
Tannhäuser, Wagner,Richard,  
State Opera  | Performances (8)
13 urtarrila 2014Frank Kuznik
Tannhauser - Wagner - Venus (National Theater Prague, 11/01/2014)
Slovak singer Jolana Fogasova was a ravishing Venus, a sexy seductress in scarlet with a fiery voice to match.
27 urt. - 27 urt. 2023
Macbeth, Verdi,  
State Opera  | Performances (5)
18 ekaina 2015Frank Kuznik
Verdi: Macbeth - Lady Macbeth (State Opera Prague, 13/06/2015)
Fogašová was sensational, with a strong, piercing voice that was slightly hysterical from the start, and impressive acting chops. Even from the 13th row, the mad glint in her eyes was clearly visible.