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What our customers say

Jan Adam
I am Jan Adam I am dancer, actor, choreographer and assistant direcor Its good here you can read information about works, performance and dates when is performance
Evamaria Wieser
Casting Director at Salzburg Festival
Salzburger Festspiele
Honestly, I wonder how we managed casting and short-note cancellations before Operabase, but the way of working in theatres, like in all other fields, has changed so much with digitalization. When I started my first job in a theatre a long time ago, my first duty was to read newspapers and opera magazines from the past 2 years, and make lists of who is singing which roles where. We had a big box with file cards for each bigger part, and whenever needs, we consulted these cards. On top, we had our so-called "Bibel", into which my colleague put each performance in handwriting with title, date, conductor, director and all roles + singers ! This was also helpful as thus we knew who had already done our productions. All this had to be done very carefully and accurate, in the same way as you and your colleagues are now doing it now for Operabase, but it was a huge, time-consuming work and the range of information was much smaller. After the first rather limited information about singers, roles and theaters on Operabase (I have been using it from the very beginning), this platform has developped enormously during the past years, offering more and more useful, interesting and different information. Thus it has become an indispensable component of my work. I also find it inspiring for the creative casting process, if used in the right way. On top, it's incredibly helpful for a first availability check, especially in case of cancellations. And I know that many of my colleagues feel the same ! I also want to underline that all people who work for Operabase are doing an excellent job - all information is carefully checked and there are hardly any mistakes. One can definitely rely on the information it offers. I have not always been totally happy with the outlook resp. handling of the pages, but now I have gotten used to and it works extremely well. So I am not just a user, but a fan of Operabase !
Samuel Gelber
Director of Artistic Planning & Operations at The Washington National Opera
Washington National Opera
Operabase is an important instrument for the contemporary Artistic Administrator’s toolbox. Its vast repository of valuable information and user-friendly interface have made it a beneficial resource in our day-to-day operations at Washington National Opera. Conceiving of suitable talents for our productions has never been easier, thanks in part to the Operabase Casting tool and its real-time amalgamation of artist activity. Operabase.com is an effective contributor to our operational endeavors, and I endorse the platform to opera companies worldwide.

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Frequently asked questions - Casting Tool

What is the Operabase Casting Tool and how can it benefit me as an industry professional?
The Operabase Casting Tool is the industry's premier tool for future season planning and last-minute replacements. It provides a streamlined process for casting considerations and finding the perfect talent for productions. The Casting Tool also serves as a valuable resource for agencies and personal managers to enhance roster visibility and expand their rosters.
How does the Operabase Casting Tool simplify and streamline the casting process?
The Casting Tool simplifies and streamlines the casting process by providing efficient features and functionality. The user-friendly interface simplifies talent search and helps you find the perfect talent efficiently. With enhanced search filters, you can save time by narrowing down your search based on specific criteria and find the most suitable artists for future seasons or last-minute replacements.
Can the Operabase Casting Tool assist me in finding the right performers for specific roles or productions?
Yes, the Casting Tool is designed to help you find the most suitable artists for your productions. The range of filters enable you to streamline your search and narrow down your options. You can evaluate an artist's performance history, debut roles, and current engagements through the Artist Pro view. With these resources at your disposal, you can efficiently evaluate artists and make informed decisions when casting for specific roles or productions.
What sets Operabase Casting Tool apart from other casting platforms or tools available in the industry?
The Operabase Casting Tool is built on the world’s largest and most reliable database of operatic activity and performing arts activity. With over 23 years of development, it has established itself as a trustworthy resource for casting professionals worldwide. Furthermore, it is a constantly updated system that provides reliable and multilingual information. Casting professionals can rely on the accuracy of the data available.
How comprehensive is the database of performers and artists on Operabase Casting Tool? Is the Operabase Casting Tool updated regularly with new performers and casting information?
Our database contains +700,000 performances and +150,000 artists. The data on the Casting Tool is highly comprehensive and includes a vast range of artists across the performing arts industry. Casting professionals can explore numerous options to find the perfect fit for their productions. The Operabase Casting Tool is regularly updated with new performers and casting information. Our team ensures that the database remains accurate and up-to-date thus allowing casting professionals to access the most current information when making casting decisions.
Can I customise my search criteria on the Operabase Casting Tool to find the ideal talent for my productions?
Yes. The Operabase Casting Tool allows you to customise your search criteria to find the most suitable talent for your productions. With our advanced search features, you can refine your search based on specific requirements, such as language proficiency, performance experience, and more. By tailoring your search criteria, you can efficiently narrow down the results and find artists who meet your exact needs.
Michael Gandlmayr
Artistic Administrator at Cleveland Orchestra
Cleveland Orchestra
There are so many moving parts in mounting a successful opera production and in many aspects, it is even more challenging for us as we don’t operate year-round as an opera house. The resources and detailed information that Operabase provides us have been invaluable, from the early stages of research and casting to the inevitable last-minute cancellations.
Göran Gademan
Casting coordinator, Opera of Göteborg (Gothenburg), Sweden
1) Göran Gademan, casting coordinator at the Göteborg Opera, Sweden 2) Many times, to find a quick replacement for an ill singer, but also when we search for a singer in a certain part later on that we don't have in the ensemble and that is a bit tricky to cast. Often a very demanding role then. 3) That you can see everywhere what happens, who has sung what etc.
Fernando Cisneros
Fernando Cisneros, opera singer (baritone) It has helped me by expanding my network, reaching people in different continents and having a platform that gathers my own personal website and social media accounts all in one place. That you can look for specific productions and/or singers and look at their past, present and future engagements.
Michael Heaston
Assistant General Manager, Artistic at The Metropolitan Opera
The Metropolitan Opera
Operabase is an indispensable resource for the work we do in casting and artistic planning at The Met. Whether identifying last-minute replacements with the casting tool, viewing casts at other opera houses, or researching individual artists, I rely on Operabase as part of my daily work.
Kyaunnee Richardson
Kyaunnee Richardson Operabase has allowed me to be more connected to the opera world. The best feature about Operabase is the clear connection to other opera companies, musicians, conductors, etc in the opera world. And the clear indication of displaying your current schedule.
769,273 Performances
2,785 Companies
882 Festivals
206,420 Artists
685 Managers

Operabase is trusted by the performing arts industry

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