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Available in English, French, German, and Italian, Operabase Pro Agent gives you and your artist management more than what’s publicly available on Operabase. Let’s explore what Operabase Pro Agent can do for you. 


The Casting Tool 


  • Operabase Pro Agent allows you to easily create a list of all who have sung a particular role, filtered by when, where, and with whom since 1996 or a specific date
  • The casting tool is invaluable in strategically building, managing, and expanding the roster of the artists you represent 


Operabase Archives


  • With Operabase Pro Agent, you can review the performance history of artists out of our 430,000 performances on file.  
  • Also review the past seasons of various opera companies and festivals around the world since 1996.

Included in the Free Plan

  • Update your agency profile with personal and team contact information
  • Manage and update the roster of the professional artists you represent 
  •  Specify the terms of your representation agreement with your artists in terms of general management, exclusivity or region
  • Not only Classical singers can be listed and represented on Operabase, but also conductors, directors, set designers, costume designers and many other professional artists. In combination with Pro Artist profiles, that are available for subscription both to artists directly and to agencies in the name of their artists, the roster management can significantly boost the visibility of your artists, as well as the reach of your agency as a whole.

How to Subscribe? 


  • It’s a quick and easy process open to agencies representing opera singers
  • Operabase Pro Agent costs only 500 Euros for 12 months
  • Get started with our Free Plan
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