Libretto by Benjamin Britten and Peter Pears after William Shakespeare In the German translation by Ernst Roth after August Wilhelm Schlegel Intoxication and love confusion in the elven forest Nature is upside down, because the elf queen Titania and her jealous husband Oberon are at odds. Vengeful, the lord of the fairy forest turns to Puck, who is supposed to use a magic flower to make Titania fall in love with the next best animal. As soon as she wakes up, her heart burns for a donkey of all things. While Titania's entourage of elves pays homage to the gray beast, an amateur drama troupe of five master craftsmen suddenly find themselves without their main actor - because Puck transformed him into that donkey. Puck also causes confusion between two young couples from the Athenian nobility with the help of the magical herb.


  • Sep. 01, 2021