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Komische Oper , Unter den Linden 41, 10117 Berlin

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Näitlejad ja meeskond

Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Musical and scenic facility
Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin



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When Raoul and Lucy are already married, Lucy learns of a secret meeting between her husband and the Cavallini. Lucy, fearing an affair, thinks about revenge and decides without further ado to cheat on her husband with her house friend, the tennis champion Fernand Maupreux. However, Manon succeeds in thwarting the planned adultery by luring Maupreux into a private room and completely captivating his amorous interest. When Lucy appears, Manon reveals himself to be her mother and removes all jealousy out of the way: Lucy's marriage to Raoul is saved - mother and daughter are finally united! The celebrated operetta star Manon Cavallini is the crush of all men. Raoul Severac, who visits her performance in the theater every evening, also succumbed hopelessly to the diva - much to the displeasure of the young Lucy Paillard, who is in love with the handsome bachelors and has decided to marry him. In the theater, Lucy urges her father to arrange a meeting with the Cavallini, at which she asks the stage star to do without Raoul and leave him to her. What the backfish does not know is that Manon is their mother and that their father once forbade contact with their child by court order. Manon renounces Raoul out of love for her child. At an intimate dinner, she demonstrates her revealing lifestyle to Raoul and introduces him to Lucy.