feb'22 - mar'22
Idiomas:  italianoSurtítulos:   checo, inglés

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Janáčkovo divadlo , Rooseveltova 1-7, Brno, Czech Republic

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Sobre la obra

To open the Suez Canal, Egyptian Viceroy Ismail Pasha commissioned an opera from the composer, whose Rigoletto he opened the opening of the Cairo Opera House in 1869. Verdi (1813-1901) paid great attention to the preparation. However, he gave up attempts to imitate the national color, the only place with "Egyptian-colored" music is the ceremonial singing behind the scenes at the beginning of the third act. Although he was interested in what ancient Egyptian music might have looked like, he did not trust the research of music scholars: he had ancient Egyptian shaped trumpets, so-called aids, made according to his own data. The premiere took place on Christmas Day 1871 in Cairo. The world-famous soprano of Czech origin Tereza Stolzová performed in the title role. The libretto was based on a short story by the French Egyptologist Antonio Mariett: a dramatic love story of the Ethiopian princess Aida and the Egyptian military leader Radam, who are prevented in common happiness by the hostility of their peoples. The opera, composed by Verdi in just four months, Aida is one of the mainstays in all major opera houses. He has been on the repertoire in Brno continuously for over ten years, in a narrative production by director Václav Věžník.
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