In the midst of a society that has to deal with the consequences of a war and its resurgence, director Damiano Michieletto and musical director Daniele Rustioni tell the intimate love triangle between Aida, Radamès and Amneris. People seek shelter in devastated places that once meant joy and ease. The destruction pushes further and further, determines life, the outer as well as the inner. As commander, Radamès must shoulder responsibilities, a burden he cannot handle. When the famous triumphal march celebrates victory, the images of death and war remain in the mind of the traumatized. The two women are also marked by war and expulsion. For Aida, the situation means the loss of her roots, her family and the destruction of her love. Amneris also dreams of a different future. And in the end there is the question: What could all of your lives have been like without war?