Oct'21 - Nov'21
NNew production
Languages:  ItalianSurtitles:   German, English

Venue details

Opernhaus , Richard-Wagner-Platz 2-10, 90443 Nürnberg, Germany

Full Production Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Set designer

About the work

The Tatar prince Tamerlan had no mercy on his enemies; not even with his rival Bajazet, whom he defeated at Ankara in 1402. The capture of the Sultan inspired Agostino Piovene to write a libretto that was set to music by numerous composers of the 18th century. Antonio Vivaldi also joined the illustrious ranks and contributed his "Bajazet" in 1735. However, only a few arias were composed by himself, for the rest he resorted to operas by his colleagues - a common practice in 18th century opera. The result is a kind of best-of of what the music theater of its time had to offer: an exciting baroque opera on the themes of love, power and human dignity.
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