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Komische Oper , Unter den Linden 41, 10117 Berlin

Täistoodangu näitlejad ja meeskond

Näitlejad ja meeskond

Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Set designer
Choir soloists of the Komische Oper Berlin
Marquis Arisitide de Faublas
Daisy Darlington
Mustapha Bei
Célestin Formant
La Tangolita
Monsieur Albert



Töö kohta

The intrig ue Ball at the Savoy On their return from a one-year honeymoon that took them all over the world, Madeleine and Aristide de Faublas return happy and in love to Nice where they are welcomed by their friends and their servants Bébé and Archibald. But a few hours after their return barely, Aristide is caught up by his past of reveler and seducer. A telegram informs him of the presence in Nice of a former conquest, the dancer Tangolita, who announces her presence that very evening at the annual Savoy ball. With the help of his friend, the attaché at the Turkish Embassy Mustafa Bey, a great connoisseur of the fairer sex, six times married and divorced, Aristide invents a pretext to go the same evening to the Savoy ball, leaving his housewife. Madeleine, scenting her maneuver, decides to go to the ball too, masked, Aristide begins his evening with a flirtation with a stranger - who is none other than Masked Madeleine - before disappearing into a private room with Tangolita. Aspiring only to take her revenge, Madeleine seduces the young lawyer Célestin Formant and invites him to a neighboring private practice. The ball is in full swing when Daisy reveals her identity and publicly announces her engagement to Mustafa Bey. Madeleine, for her part, declares to the applause of the crowd, to have cheated on her husband. Separation from Aristide seems inevitable. Instead of the expected lawyer comes his representative, Célestin, who refuses to provide the slightest detail of his date at the Savoy. Maize Daisy manages to convince Madeleine to confess that nothing happened between her and Celestin. Marital happiness can resume its course ...