Jan'21 - Jan'22
Sprachen:  FranzösischÜbertitel:   Englisch, Estnisch, Russisch

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Big House of Vanemuine , Vanemuise 6, 51003 Tartu, Estonia

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Besetzung & Produktionsteam

Vanemuine Symphony Orchestra
Vanemuine Opera Choir
Don José
Micaëla (Michaëla)
Mercédès (Mercedes)
Le Dancaïre (Dancaïro)
Le Remendado (Remendado)
Moralès (Morales)
Lillas Pastia




Über das Werk

Georges Bizet's opera The sand-colored amphitheater exudes the heat of Seville, the voluptuous gypsy beauty revolves in the middle of the giant straps of azure blue flamenco dresses, and could be died with the voice of don José. Anne Prommik, newspaper Sirp Vanemuine's new "Carmen" is equally lyrical, dramatic and sensual in its external scale; it cleverly refrains from moral judgments, serving not ethics but story, and instead of answering the audience, bringing the question home from the show: is Carmen a victim or a pest, or even both? Alvar Loog, newspaper Postimees I am proud and happy to be able to see such "Carmen" in Vanemuine. This is the first "Carmen" in my life that I have watched with such pleasure. What choirs, what accuracy! /… / I would have enjoyed this "Carmen" because of the movement and visual side, even if I hadn't had a musical beat. And what masterful singers! In my opinion, the level of production, in terms of both design and voices, far exceeds what can be seen on the Mezzo channel. Evald Kampus, Vanemuine Society The opera was completed in 1875 and is based on a story of the same name by Prosper Mérimée. At the premiere, the opera was whistled out and critics gave it a devastating assessment. Today, "Carmen" has become Georges Bizet's best-known work and is one of the most staged operas in the world.