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Stage director
Costume designer
Set designer
Faculty Director
He conducts
Assistant director
Leopold Maria
Edwin Ronald
Komtesse Stasi (Countess Stasi)
Graf Boni Káncsiánu (Count Boni Kancsianu)
Sylva Varescu
General Rohnsdorff
Feri von Kerekes
Baronin Elsner (Baroness Elsner)
von Merö (von Mero)
Ádám János


Székely Zsejke
Countess Carolina
Countess Krisztina
Kiss, notary


Apie darbą

Act Act I: We're in a variety. Today, Szilvia Vereczky, the well-known and acclaimed innkeeper, is holding her farewell performance. He says goodbye to Prince Edvin, who wants to go to America with him. The Count's family does not like this, as they intended Countess Stázi for Edvin. The situation changes when they bring in Edvin's Uranus officer call. This was invented by the family to keep Edvin Sylvia away. However, Edvin knows it can only be the work of his family, so he signs a bond to marry Silvia within eight weeks, who in surprise asks for a car for the Trieste fast to find peace in America. II. act The foyer of the princely castle, one of the adjoining rooms of which has dance music. Szilvia did not travel, she appears in Bóni's arms like the count's wife. Edvin thinks that if a variety star is too few for his family, a divorced countess will only suit him. Szilvia reveals herself, Edvin's love is not needed at such a price. III. act Kerekes Ferkó mulat "to the music of" Péter Hajmási, Pál Hajmási ... ". He comes with Szilvia Bóni and Edvin's father, who also married a chansonette. “There will be up to two variety stars in the family,” Edvin’s father says. This way his son can take Sylvia and Bóni can take Stazi. The finale is "Péter Hajmási, Pál Hajmási ..."
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