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Théâtre des Arts , 7 Rue du Dr Robert Rambert, 76000 Rouen, France

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About the work

If psychoanalysis has taught us that love and death can be linked, what happens when Cupid's arrows are mistakenly swapped with Death's arrows? A complete chaos, where the young lovers start to die and the old men to fall in love! This is the story - inspired by an Aesop fable - of Cupid and Death, a 17th-century English drama whose music is attributed to Christopher Gibbons and Matthew Locke. In this "mask", sumptuous court entertainment in vogue from the reign of Elisabeth Ire, texts, music, visual arts and dance mingle, which does not displease Emily Wilson and Jos Houben who sign a bet. in an inventive scene. A specialist in 17th century music, Sébastien Daucé revives this rare work from 1653, which gives a glimpse of the splendor and taste of Baroque England.