Nov'21 - Dez'21
NNeue Produktion
Sprachen:  DeutschÜbertitel:   Deutsch, Englisch

Details der Spielstätte

Nationaltheater , Max-Joseph-Platz 2, 80539 München, Germany

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Besetzung & Produktionsteam

Bavarian State Orchestra
Chorus of the Bavarian State Opera
Kaspar (Kasper)
1. Brautjungfer
2. Brautjungfer
3. Brautjungfer
4. Brautjungfer


Über das Werk

In a village community that adheres to archaic customs, the young hunter Max has to complete a test shot in order to be able to marry his beloved Agathe. And that where he has hardly had a shot lately! Carl Maria von Weber and his librettist Friedrich Kind alternate between ghost stories, fairy tales, fateful drama and play between heaven and hell: the center of the plot is a diabolical ritual in the Wolfsschlucht, where a pact is made with Samiel to be able to pour free balls for her Never miss a goal. When it premiered in Berlin in 1821, the opera was celebrated by the audience "with the most incredible enthusiasm", according to its composer. In the decades that followed, the work, which at that time was perceived as romanticizing and folk-romantic, quickly advanced to become the most frequently performed opera on the German stage. No wonder: at a time when people were longing for cultural, national identification opportunitiesThe Freischütz projection surface for an ideal community. What is it about this opera that attracts director Dmitri Tcherniakov today?