mai.'21 - eka.'21
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Hizkuntzak:  alemanaSurtitles:   alemana

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Semperoper , Theaterplatz 2, 01067 Dresden, Germany

Produkzio osoa Cast & Crew

Aktore taldeak

Stage director
Set designer
Costume designer
Lighting designer
Graf von Eberbach
Die Gräfin (Gräfin von Eberbach)
Baron Kronthal
Baronin Freimann


Lanari buruz

A roast venison is supposed to crown the engagement of the elderly village schoolteacher Baculus and his young, peasant-clever ward Gretchen. But the necessary poaching excursion to the Count's park almost costs Baculus a job and a bride. Gretchen's offer to visit the Count himself does not seem opportune in view of his notorious sexual greed. A student who is ready to go to the count as an alleged bride promises rescue. Behind this there is no one other than the count's widowed sister - which only marks the beginning of the hopelessly comical confusion. Under the guise of a comedy in disguise, Albert Lortzing wrote a biting and punchy social satire in the »Wildschütz« from 1842, the climax of which was reached when Baculus agreed to give his Gretchen for 5.