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Opera Maghiară , Strada Emil Isac 26, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

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Aktoriai ir įgula

Costume designer
Set designer
Faculty Director
Fellow of the choreographer
Leopold Maria
Graf Boni Káncsiánu (Count Boni Kancsianu)
General Rohnsdorff
Baronin Elsner (Baroness Elsner)


Cecilia, his wife
Székely Zsejke
Szilvia Verecki
Countess Countess
Wheeled Ferkó
Countess Carolina
Countess Krisztina
Kiss, notary


Apie darbą

The light beauty of the Csárdás Queen can only be truly appreciated if we imagine what kind of horrors she was born in the shadow of. While the First World War was raging in Europe, Imre Kálmán worked in an isolated Austrian resort on the most successful work of his life - and Hungarian operetta literature. And perhaps it also contributed to the success of the operetta that he spoke with a lot of charm and humor about problems that ruined lives a hundred years ago: Kálmán's lovers are separated by an insurmountable difference between social classes - fortunately only until the last act.
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