Detalhes do local de eventos

Komische Oper , Unter den Linden 41, 10117 Berlin

Produção Completa Elenco & Equipe

Elenco & Equipe

Diretor de Palco
Designer de Iluminação
Mestre de Coro
Orchester der Komischen Oper Berlin
Choir soloists of the Komische Oper Berlin
Don Giovanni
Il Commendatore (O Comendador)
Donna Anna
Don Ottavio
Donna Elvira


Sobre o trabalho

Act 1 Leporello, servant of the nobleman Don Giovanni, laments bitterly about his lot when his master rushes in with Donna Anna, daughter of the commander and the final target of his advances. The father wants to save the daughter's honor, but dies in the process. Together with Leporello, Don Giovanni manages to escape. Anna's fiancé, Don Ottavio, swears vengeance. Don Giovanni and Leporello meet a beautiful lady who turns out to be another ex-Don Giovanni: Donna Elvira. Leporello is supposed to distract them with a list of all his master's conquests in order to help Giovanni escape. At the same time, the couple Zerlina and Masetto are looking forward to their close wedding. Don Giovanni approaches Zerlina and invites everyone to his castle. Then Donna Elvira bursts into society and warns Zerlina of Don Giovanni's lies. He denies everything. A short time later he meets Ottavio and Anna, who at first do not understand who is standing in front of them. Donna Elvira appears again, whereupon Donna Anna recognizes the stranger who, however, escapes again. Meanwhile, Zerlina tries to appease her jealous bridegroom before Don Giovanni pushes both of them to the party. Donna Elvira, Donna Anna and Don Ottavio also appear masked at the ball. In the midst of the hustle and bustle, Zerlina calls for help. Don Giovanni blames Leporello for all the blame, but then Elvira gives himself up, 2nd act Leporello wants to leave his master for good, but he is already forging new plans of conquest. With money and violence he gets Leporello to swap clothes so that Leporello can give Elvira's repentant lover and he himself can approach Elvira's maid, disguised as a servant. Caught by Masetto, Don Giovanni directs the trail to Leporello. The pursuers put the disguised Leporello, but finally discover the fraud. Leporello begs for mercy and escapes, Ottavio confirms his decision to take revenge, Donna Elvira, however, is torn between pity and dark foreboding. Don Giovanni and Leporello meet in the cemetery when suddenly the memorial of the killed Commander speaks to them. Giovanni then forces Leporello to invite the stone guest to dinner. At the same time, Don Ottavio comforts Donna Anna and affirms his love for her. She's asking for more time. Donna Elvira, who tries in vain to persuade Don Giovanni to repent, interrupts preparations for dinner. Then the stone statue of the Commander appears and asks Don Giovanni to renounce all vice. But Don Giovanni is more likely to go to hell. But everyone else agrees: He deserves it.