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25 Jan - 18 Feb 2022
Languages:  ItalianSurtitles:   German, English
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Venue details

Opernhaus , Falkenstrasse 1, 8008 Zürich, Switzerland

Full Production Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Set designer
Chorus master
Philharmonia Zurich
Zurich Opera Choir
Il Commendatore (Commendatore)
Donna Anna
Donna Elvira
Evan Hughes



About the work

Act 1 Don Giovanni has entered the Commander's house and tries to seduce Donna Anna in her bedroom. His servant Leporello keeps watch. Donna Anna calls for help, Don Giovanni kills her father. Donna Anna forces her fiancé Don Ottavio to swear vengeance for the murder. Don Giovanni tries his luck with a beautiful stranger who turns out to be all too well known: It is Donna Elvira, whom he seduced in Burgos and who has followed him. Leporello presents her the catalog of Don Giovanni's love conquests. Zerlina and Masetto celebrate the eve of their wedding. Don Giovanni takes a liking to the peasant girl. To take out her bridegroom, he sends Leporello with the farmers to his castle. For the time being, however, he does not achieve his goal with Zerlina because Donna Elvira intervenes. Donna Anna wants to ask Don Giovanni for help in solving the murder, but Donna Elvira interrupts the conversation and warns about the seducer. Don Giovanni escapes the tricky situation, but has given himself away: Donna Anna has recognized her father's murderer. Don Ottavio first wants to look for further evidence before taking action against Don Giovanni. Don Giovanni arranges a big feast in the hustle and bustle of which he wants to bring the seduction of Zerlina to an end. The party begins and three masked guests arrive: Donna Anna, Donna Elvira and Don Ottavio, who are looking for an opportunity to convict Don Giovanni. It goes into their own network by luring Zerlina into an adjoining room to get there. When she yells for help, Giovanni tries in vain to blame Leporello. Don Ottavio aims at the murderer with the pistol, but cannot make up his mind to pull the trigger. Act 2 Don Giovanni is now interested in Donna Elvira's maid. In order to deceive the girl about his status, he exchanges clothes with Leporello. Donna Elvira is lured out of the house by the disguised Leporello playing her a repentant Don Giovanni. They disappear in the darkness of the night. Don Giovanni serenades the maid, but it is not she who appears, but Masetto, who is looking for his bride's seducer. The encounter with the supposed Leporello has bad consequences for him. Zerlina finds the wounded bridegroom, reproaches him for his jealousy and comforts him in her own way. Leporello has taken refuge in a dark vestibule with Donna Elvira. He is just about to leave when Donna Anna and Ottavio, and a little later Zerlina and Masetto, join them. They think they have Don Giovanni in their power and want to kill him. At the last moment Leporello reveals himself and escapes. Don Ottavio is now convinced that Don Giovanni is the murderer. He goes to file a complaint. Don Giovanni ran into a cemetery while on the run. Here he tells Leporello about another failed love affair with a girl who turned out to be Leporello's lover. A voice from the grave of Donna Anna's father threatens the culprit with imminent retribution. Giovanni invites the statue of the dead to dinner. Don Ottavio asks Donna Anna to marry the next day. She rejects this request. Don Giovanni holds a nightly banquet alone in his castle. Donna Elvira makes one last attempt to convince him to repent. The guest from the hereafter appears and asks Don Giovanni to repent of his misdeeds. He refuses and is devoured by a firestorm. Donna Anna, Donna Elvira, Don Ottavio, Zerlina and Masetto enter and learn that the wrongdoer has already been punished by a higher power. They turn to their plans for the future: Donna Anna puts Don Ottavio off for another year, Donna Elvira will end her life in a convent, Leporello is looking for a new master, Zerlina and Masetto go home to have dinner.
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