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Teatro Donizetti , Piazza Cavour 15, Bergamo, Italy

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Cast & Crew

Stage director
Alessandro BrachettiStefano Giaroli
Cantieri d'Arte


About the work

It is known that love in operettas is lived in a more amused than profound way and that even just for joke's sake one is willing to give up fidelity and integrity. Much more scruple is generally devoted to patrimonial care. Una Notte a Venezia moves along these lines, enriched by the classic expedients of misunderstandings and personal exchanges. It is the eve of carnival and the square is full of gentlemen who have come to have fun. To welcome them there is Pappacoda, a funny Neapolitan cook who struggles to sell his macaroni and consoles himself with his great and reciprocated love for the delicious Ciboletta, waitress in the house of Senator Delaqua. The rich Duke of Urbino will spend the night of carnival in his sumptuous palace on the Grand Canal where a strictly masked ball party will take place. Among the guests there is also the Senator Delaqua, to whom the Duke has made it clear that he will grant him the title of administrator of his conspicuous assets, in exchange for the favors of the beautiful Barbara, his wife. The senator will try to save "goat and cabbage" with the complicity of the masks and his bizarre barber Caramel who, in turn, he would like to change his social status and that of his beloved Annina, a fishwife from Chioggia. For her part, Barbara also has no intention of giving herself to the Duke, not so much for moral scruples, but because she prefers the young and handsome Enrico Piselli, grandson of her husband. Everyone organizes their intrigues to perfection ready to spend an unforgettable night. The party will be truly memorable. In one way or another patricians and plebeians will all meet in the palace, but very little of what they hoped will come true. The masks will conceal identities in an almost indestructible tangle that, as always happens, will reach a happy ending that will leave everyone happy ... or almost, but above all it will have been a tasty and hilarious excuse to listen to a masterpiece by the great Johann Strauss.
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