About the work

he opera "Electric Saint" focuses on the physicist and inventor Nikola Tesla, who lived at the end of the 19th / beginning of the 20th century. It is about the rivalry with his fellow inventor and competitor Thomas Edison - two pioneers in the field of electrical engineering with diametrically opposed philosophies of life. Tesla is a radical, detail-obsessed genius, Edison at least as good an inventor as a clever businessman and self-marketer. While one wanted to make his inventions freely available to mankind for their well-being, the other focused on increasing his wealth. The composer Stewart Copeland and the director and librettist Jonathan Moore tell in associative images of the conflicts and contradictions of the person Tesla: Born into an orthodox priestly family in today's Croatia, he was an obsessed scientist and devout Christian. But these two poles - science and faith - were never mutually exclusive for him, which is also reflected in the title of the opera. This is the fourth time that Copeland and Moore are working together. Five-time Grammy Award winner Copeland became world famous as a founding member and drummer of the band "The Police". He then made a name for himself with the film music for Oliver Stone's "Wall Street" and Francis Ford Coppola's "Rumble Fish". The actor, director and librettist Moore has worked for houses such as the Royal Shakespeare Company, the National Theater London or the Brooklyn Academy of Music. He was co-author of the libretto and director of the Munich world premiere "Greek" by Mark Anthony Turnage.