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About the work

Mobile music theater for children from 3 to 6 years old, world premiere on January 17, 2020 30 minutes / no break For the “Mobile Musiktheater” we travel light, without elaborate stage design, because we play on site in the daycare centers. Children are great audiences: open, curious, enthusiastic. You do not miss the curtain or the orchestra pit and you have no fixed idea of ​​how an audience should behave. Children are born researchers. Two musicians visit them with their equipment in the day care center and go on a musical theater research trip with them. Together they ask themselves: How do sounds come about? What is music made of? Who or what is this mysterious TIRILI? For “Expedition TIRILI” we work in cooperation with TUKI with children from the Kastanienallee day care center. In advance, sounds and themes were experimented with in the daycare center. This process flowed into the development of the staging *** Requirements for booking: We play in daycare centers in Berlin and the surrounding area. The event is designed for an audience of up to 40 children aged 3 to 6 years. Due to the current situation, we have adapted the piece to the applicable hygiene measures. In addition, we are dependent on your support in complying with the specifications. We discuss these with each daycare center individually before making the booking. The most important conditions for the performances are: * Large room, e.g. gym / sports room, at least 30m², length in one direction at least 8m * A clean, free play area of ​​at least 4x3m that can be used as a stage * Min . 3m distance between stage and auditorium * The room can be ventilated with windows that can be opened completely (not just tilted) * The facility has a hygiene concept that allows external people in the daycare. * Clearly defined seats for the children in the audience (e.g. with seat cushions, carpet tiles, mats, stools) * The performance room is available 45 minutes before the start of the performance for setting up and preparation. * In addition, another room will be made available as a cloakroom for the musicians
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