Juni'21 - Juni'21
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Details der Spielstätte

Teatr Wielki - Opera Narodowa , plac Teatralny 1, 00-077 Warsaw, Poland

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Besetzung & Produktionsteam

Orkiestra Teatru Wielkiego - Opery Narodowej

Über das Werk

Amid revolutionary feeling joyfully manifested by the chorus, Florestan, a man sentenced to death, is freed from prison by his wife, Leonora, who gained admission into the carefully guarded dungeon using subterfuge. Love brings salvation, the tyrant Pizarro is toppled. Fidelio is a timeless hymn to freedom. Beethoven agues that there is no moral or economic value that trumps freedom itself. This is the sense and the essence of the composer’s only opera according to English stage director and Artistic Director of the Royal Danish Opera, John Fulljames, whose production of the piece, created in collaboration with the opera house in Copenhagen and the Nederlandse Reisopera, will be shown in Warsaw. Drawing on this thought, set designer Steffen Aarfing shows that in a country controlled by a despot everyone is a prisoner – the mighty powers-that-be erect walls of inhuman proportions turning ordinary people into fragile figurines.