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Schouwburg Hengelo , Beursstraat 44 7551 HV Hengelo Netherlands


About the work

For all lovers of sophisticated concepts. It is about dance, classical ballet, contemporary tango contaminated with other modern forms. It is about the most extraordinarily passionate music, ballet, and poetry. There are still nine centuries before the fourth Millennium, but Geen Contacttango is already here! In times of social distancing, the idea of ​​physical contact is even more yearned for. Thus was born the idea of Geen Contacttango. A show with original music, which composition started during quarantine, performed by an ensemble of 8 instruments, 3 dancers and 2 singers. An original work by choreographers Jean Sébastien Colau, Vincenzo Veneruso, composer Stefano Conti and lyricist Valentina Lini.