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Plná produkčná obsadenie a posádka

Obsadenie a posádka

Stage director
Set designer
Lighting designer
Ivan the Terrible
Princess Olga
Boyar Nikita Matuta
Prince Tokmakov
O práci
In the prologue, “The Boyarin Vera Sheloga”, Vera confesses to her sister Nadescha that her daughter Olga is the result of an affair with a mysterious stranger while her husband, Prince Tomakov, was away fighting for Tsar Ivan. When her husband unexpectedly returns, Nadescha saves the situation by pretending Olga is her child. The main action takes place 25 years later. Olga is now a young woman and in love with the rash and impassioned partisan Michael Tucha, but has been promised by her father, Prince Tomakov, to an older Boyar. News reaches Pskov that Ivan the Terrible is on a campaign to re-assert his authority over regions attempting independence, and has recently brutally subjugated and destroyed the city of Novgorod. Pskov fears its turn will be next. Tomakov tries to persuade the people of Pskov to welcome Tsar Ivan, but Tucha resolves to continue to fight for independence. When Ivan arrives, Olga is given the responsibility of serving him at table, and miraculously his anger melts away and he forgives the city. Olga and Tucha meet secretly in the forest, but are discovered and arrested. Olga is brought before Ivan, but he rebukes his captor. His heart is touched by Olga, and he realises that she is his daughter. Tucha escapes from arrest and mounts an attack on Ivan’s encampment. In the confusion, Olga is shot.