Mar'22 - May'22
WPWorld premiere
NNew production
Languages:  Chinese, FrenchSurtitles:   German

Venue details

Theater Erfurt , Theaterplatz 1, 99084 Erfurt, Germany

Full Production Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Stage director
Set designer
Mademoiselle Liu
Schülerin 2
Qinlis Grossmutter (Qinlis)
Schülerin 3 (Grossmutter)
Madame Liu
Qinlis Vater
Zhou Qinli
Die Wahrsagerin
Qinlis Älterer Bruder (Qinlis)
Liu Pinshan


About the work

"I was born in China of misery and tears" - with these words the Chinese Chow Ching Lie begins her life story, which is also the story of three generations: The grandfather was still a porter through the country, the father already studied at an American Chinese University, and Chow Ching Lie himself experienced the tremors in China from the Japanese occupation to the civil war, the takeover of the communists and the cultural revolution to reform policy. The historical upheavals are reflected in her private life. Married against her will at the age of thirteen, she was already a mother at the age of fourteen and a widow at twenty-six. Finally, she and her two children find a new home in Paris and fulfill her dream of becoming a successful pianist.
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