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Palais Theatre , Lower Esplanade St Kilda VIC 3182 Australia

Full Production Cast & Crew

Cast & Crew

Stage director
Lighting designer
Orchestra Victoria
La fata azzurra (The Blue Fairy)
Il re (The King)
La regina (The Queen)
La principessa (The Princess)
Il principe (The Prince)
la fata verde (The Green Fairy)
Il cuculo (The Cuckoo)
L'ambasciatore (The Ambassador)
La vecchietta (The Old Lady)
La rana (The Frog)
Il gatto (The Cat)
Un boscaiolo (A Woodcutter)
La Duchessa (The Duchess)
L'usignolo (The Nightingale)


The Spindle
The Jestermister
Dollar Cheques
The King
A Villager

About the work

The classic fairy tale you know and love. It’s the one about the princess who pricks her finger on a spindle and falls into a deep sleep. For centuries, the kingdom slumbers. The only one who can save them is a handsome prince and his revitalising kiss. Composed in the aftermath of World War I and the Spanish flu pandemic, Respighi’s opera was a tale for a world on its knees. It’s the call for resilience and celebration that we all need right now. Victorian Opera presents this opera as it was intended. Magical larger-than-life puppets and charming music draw you into a wondrous dreamscape in this revival of our acclaimed 2017 production. Embrace the child within and join a resilient community emerging out of dark times with hope. It’s time for reawakening.
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