Atto I

Descrizione: Alfred Germont goes to a party at the house of Violetta Valery, a famous courtesan. She is surprised to learn of his infatuation with her and how worried he was during her recent illness. Alfred toasts to love; Violetta responds with a toast to pleasure and a brilliant life. Feeling weak, she retires to rest. After following her, Alfred begs her to let him love her and take care of her. She replies that she does not need such devotion, but invites him to come over the next day. Left alone, Violetta wonders if she is capable of experiencing true love. Rejecting this idea as reckless, she decides to lead a free life, full of only pleasure. Violetta leaves her erratic Parisian life for Alfred. Learning that she is going to sell her property to secure their country idyll, Alfred hurries to Paris to pay off her debts. In his absence, Violetta is visited by Georges Germont. He reveals that Alfred, his son, intends to give her his entire fortune. Violetta replies to the elder Germont that she would never accept this gift, and reveals to him that she donates her own property to ensure their life with Alfred. Germont is impressed by her nobility, but begs her to leave his son, as their relationship could destroy his daughter's future. Violetta finally agrees and asks only that, after her death, Germont tell his daughter the truth. Alfred, having received a letter from Violetta with the news that she no longer loves him, is completely crushed.

Atto II

Descrizione: Violetta arrives at the ball with her new patron, Baron Dufol. The men are playing; Alfred wins. Violetta pulls Alfred aside and begs him to leave; he refuses, threatening to challenge the baron to a duel. In order not to break the promise she made to the elder Germont, Violetta claims to love the baron. Blinded by pain and rage, Alfred calls the guests and publicly insults Violetta. On her deathbed, supported by Annina, Violetta rereads a letter from Georges Germont. It says that Alfred, after a duel with the baron, went abroad; his father wrote to him, telling him of Violetta's self-sacrifice. Alfred arrives, begs for forgiveness and swears eternal love. Violetta hopes that they will be together, but she is very weak. Alfred sends Annina for the doctor, who arrives accompanied by Georges Germont, tormented by remorse for his previous behavior towards Violetta. He asks for forgiveness, promises to accept her as a daughter, but it's too late.