sep'22 - okt'22
Tungumál:  franskaSurtitles:   franska, enska

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Opéra-Comique , 1 Place Boieldieu, 75002 Paris, France

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Cast & Crew

Stage director
Lighting designer
Costume designer
Set designer
Orchestre Pygmalion
Choeur Pygmalion
Lakmé (Lakme)
Gérald (Gerald)
Frédéric (Frederic)
Miss Ellen
Miss Bentson

Um verkið

Inspired by Pierre Loti, Léo Delibes enacts the driving forces of orientalist opera in a daringly contemporary plot: impossible passion, musical evocation of distant civilisation, clashes between religious fanaticism and sensuality. Composed for two stars of the Opéra Comique, soprano Marie van Zandt and tenor Talazac, Lakmé has been internationally acclaimed and has become a jewel of the institution, where it’s been played over 1,600 times since 1883. Raphaël Pichon, leading the Pygmalion ensemble, and Laurent Pelly, at the stage direction, give a truthful depiction of the characters’ personality and glorify each scene and the importance given to political issues. Sabine Devieilhe reunites with the virtuoso and tragic title role that made her famous at the Opéra Comique in 2014. Comic opera in three acts. Libretto by Edmond Gondinet and Philippe Gille. Created in 1883 at the Opéra Comique.