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Meininger Hof , Alte Freiheit 1, 07318 Saalfeld/Saale, Germany

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“Se vuol ballare, Signor Contino…” In Mozart's opera “Figaro's Wedding”, the eponymous hero risks a rather thick lip against his superior. The offered dance could quickly degenerate into a fight. Not without reason: Count Almaviva desires Figaro's fiancée Susanna for himself on their wedding night. But since the bride is not very enthusiastic about these plans, she hatches up a game of confusion together with the countess in order to properly deceive the lecher. The original for the opera, the frivolous, highly political comedy "The Great Day or Figaro's Wedding" by Beaumarchais, premiered in Paris in 1784. "The French Revolution was already at work in this piece," wrote none other than Napoleon. In the libretto, Da Ponte succeeds in maintaining the confusion of the original, while at the same time creating space for aria moments and ensemble scenes. Mozart's multi-colored music gives people like Countess Almaviva a depth of character that she does not have in Beaumarchais' comedy. In addition, there is not much on the opera stage that comes close to the grand finale of "Figaro" in terms of musical wit and tempo. The cooperation of the Lyric Opera Studio Weimar with the Thuringian Symphony Orchestra guarantees a lot of joy in playing and fresh, youthful voices on the big stage
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