It all takes place in 19th-century London - and chimney sweeps play a central role. The evil master chimney sweep Black Bob and his assistant Clem let the housekeeper Miss Baggott explain the upcoming tasks to them in Iken Hall, a posh house in one of the better parts of London. But then Sam, the new assistant, has to do all the work. But when he climbs the chimney for the first time, he gets stuck in it. Thank God the children of Iken Hall hear his screams and free Sam. And that's not all: they hide him from Black Bob, Clem and Miss Baggott, and with the help of the nanny, they finally manage to smuggle Sam out of the house, freshly washed and dressed in new clothes. Benjamin Britten, one of the best-known British composers of the 20th century, not only wanted to write an opera for children, he wanted to interest children in music theater in the first place and show them how a story becomes an opera. His music is simple and sophisticated at the same time. She quotes children's songs as well as the great works of classical music. And of course children have to play and sing along too! It's a bit reminiscent of MARY POPPINS